Just About Done – I Am Getting By – EP Review

Just About Done ​are ready to release their 3rd EP ​I Am Getting By ​on the 19th October. The Australian band have decided to tell a story with this 3 track offering which has been released in install...

Reawaken – Monochrome – EP Review

Reawaken ​are due to self release their latest EP ​*Monochrome* ​on the 5th October. With a strong female vocalist and a heavy sound they are bound to stand out amongst the music scene. With an appeal...

Ravenlight – ‘End of the World’ – EP Review

Formed in January 2018 by Rebecca Feeney and John Connor, Northern Irelands’ Ravenlight wasted no time in releasing new music with their debut single ‘Where The Start Grow’ being released in March 2018 and now ...

Arcane Roots – Landslide – EP Review

Arcane Roots bring the follow up to 2017s Melancholia Hymns, which gained huge plaudits, in the form of a 4 track EP, one track being brand new and three new versions of tracks from the previous album. As pe...

Fizzy Blood – Pink Magic – EP Review

Pink Magic is the third EP by the Leeds band Fizzy Blood and by their own admission, they have been trying to find their identity and now they feel that they are where they wish to be, that being a band that ex...
Chandrian Kill

Chandrian Kill – Bring Out Your Dead – EP Review

Chandrian Kill are a two piece with a history in melodic invention with Ted Clark, who started writing songs for the band in 2016 and also provides the guitars reaching out to Nic Whitmore who has returned afte...

Mordant Rapture – ‘The Abnegation’ – EP Review

Formed in 2013 as a traditional Technical Death Metal outfit, Mordant Rapture have evolved to include symphonies and melodies which have all been included as they bring us their debut EP. The EP is 22 minutes ...

Taken By The Tide – ‘Revenge’ – EP Review

The follow up to debut release There’s No Such Thing As An Atheist In A Foxhole smashes on to the scene with a beautiful wreckage of Hardcore with Technical, Brutal, Death Metal. This EP begins with a blunt for...

Broken Witt Rebels – ‘Snake Eyes’ – EP Review

The Broken Witt Rebels return following up on 2016’s highly acclaimed Full Length release with Snake Eyes, a four track EP to reaffirm their quality within. Undeniably one of the finds in recent years, BWR have...

Maypine – ‘Bend Break – EP Review

Maypine are one of the newest bands to hit the Pop-Punk scene with their impressive debut EP ​Bend/Break. ​Since forming in 2016 they have toured and been a hit on the Brighton music scene. Now they are...
You Know The Drill

You Know The Drill – ‘Selfhood’ – EP Review

You Know The Drill ​have released their latest EP ​Selfhood​ through Scylla Records. Having spent time in the studio once more after their extensive touring to promote their debut EP, they have plenty...

LTNT – ‘Yode’ – EP Review

LTNT return with a gnarly four track EP to take your breath away! Yode see’s this London based trio reignite their passion for 90’s distorted fury as their killer EP kicks off with ‘Fuck Bunny.’ ‘Fuck Bunny’ by...