Tyrannus/Magicide // Tory Punching Music // EP Review


Scottish death metallers Tyrannus and industrial EDM star Magicide have joined forces to create a wonderfully weird split demo, “Tory Punching Music”, set to be released on the 15th of December, it’s the blend of EDM and thrashy death metal that will twist your biscuit here.

The opening track “Bricks & Flesh” is a brutal assault that smashes you right in the face; Cant’s growling vocals are nothing short of throat-ripping as he tears through the track, and his mastery of both the bass and guitar are nothing short of spectacular while the drum track from Dunn is mental, the disjointed rhythm of the track is crazy but ultimately what draws you in.  Magicide steps up next with “Madness”; starting with a funky EDM beat before a crushing death-style drum beat comes this interspersed with the EDM beats makes for one hell of a track. The demo finishes with “Tory Punching Music” a collab between Tyrannus and Magicide that is a mash-up between death and EDM with Cant coming in every once in a while to say “Tory Punching Music” and before you know it it’s all over.

Short, sweet and to the point what more can anybody ask for?


Review: Conor


Track Listing:
1. Bricks & Flesh (Tyrannus)
2. Madness (Magicide)
3. Tory Punching Music (Magicide & Callum John Cant)

#1. “Bricks & Flesh”: Callum John Cant – vocals, guitars and bass; Alasdair Dunn – drum programming; Magicide – mixing & mastering.
#2. “Madness”: Magicide – everything.
#3. “Tory Punching Music”: Magicide – everything; Callum John Cant – vocals

“Bricks & Flesh” written by Callum John Cant.
“Madness” and “Tory Punching Music” written by Magicide.

Cover Art by Conor McConville; Tyrannus logo by Hagiophobic; and Magicide logo by Magicide.

For More Info:

Tyrannus are:

Callum John Cant Vocals, Bass, Guitar

Alasdair Dunn Drum programming

Magicide is Magicide



Invoked in 2018 by Callum John Cant and Alasdair Dunn (Ashenspire), Tyrannussynchronously brings forth ruination and oblivion. Although the Scottish group openly stands against fascism, they predominantly dwell in the dominion of thrashy calamitous black/death metal, unlike most of their RABM counterparts who weaponize crusty, raw, or post-black metal.  
In 2019, Tyrannus unleashed the self-titled EP, where they attempted to figure out their sound but perhaps not being committed enough to an approach yet. It wasn’t until the 2021’s demo release, It Taketh, that ushered in the new dawn as Tyrannus finally untangled their songcraft approaches and tracked down their fully-realized vision. The three-track demo acts as a coup d’œil of the full-length, Unslayable.

Unslayable, the debut album, was released in April 2022 by the band digitally and on CD, while the vinyl and cassette versions were handled by True Cult Records; a limited edition cassette run was issued by Fiadh Productions in July 2023. Unfolding a conceptual story of existentialism, Lovecraftian horror, and antifascism, Tyrannus has bolstered their already discovered eerie, extreme sonic power on this album. Taking cues from the extreme metal’s elder gods, the Scots have injected new blood into the vicious sound. For instance, the erratic surfacing of the demoniacal, psychedelic synth passages on the songs is a testament to their ingenuity. The hallucinogenic atmosphere indeed inflicts an atypical experience, but the ominous black/death metal with an agile speed/thrash vivacity is still the spine of this tale.

Tyrannus has recently undergone lineup changes, including the departure of the founding drummer Alasdair Dunn. The sophomore album is currently in production, with a split demo with industrial metal unit Magicide scheduled for release in mid-December.

Magicide is a solo project of a renegade who defies genre categorizations. Magicide’s music is a fusion of industrial and EDM beats with metal, a sonic assault that will undoubtedly draw disdain from the purists, from those who profess to love music. However, Magicide serves as a sanctuary for those who are insatiable in their pursuit of the extreme; who seek the lowest depths of bass, the most electrifying beats, and the most ferocious riffs; and who reject the limitations of conventional music.