Rock ‘N’ Load was born out of a passion for music, both on a personal level and in the live setting with 5000 + friends, You just can’t beat good music, but alas there are more bands with more music than there are hours in the day! I work day in and day out with the very top PR’s and Record Labels from across the globe and there is more press arriving every day than any man can handle! Never mind the volume of albums sent every day by the very same fine people, so at times it is hard to see the wood for the trees.

I would love to help out more hard-working musicians and up-and-coming bands who find it hard to navigate this industry and get their name out there, so I set up a  BUY ME A COFFEE page to help me, help you.

Man can not do this alone, man needs coffee!

If you feel free to help a brother out, make sure you add a link to your EPK (Electronic Press Kit) press release, new music, video, Dropbox etc. and I’ll check it out, share it for you and give you a shout-out!

Peace, Love & Good Happiness Stuff.

Mark (Mark ‘N’ Load)