Album Review

Black Coffee

Black Coffee – ‘Take One’ – Album Review

Columbus Ohio’s Black Coffee has announced their arrival with a killer debut album in the form of Take One. A nine-track thriller with slick guitar work and polished vocals that would make you think these crazy...

Soliloquium – ‘Contemplations’ – Album Review

What was once a side project has grown into a full time adventure as Soliloquium bring us their second full length offering of Melodic Doom metal. The three piece Swedish band formed in 2011 and have released 3...

Dorrian Sorriaux – ‘Hungry Ghost’ – EP Review

Dorrian Sorriaux, successful guitarist with Swedish Blues-Rock band The Blues Pill’s has ventured out on a solo project by the way of a four track EP entitled Hungry Ghost. Sorriaux has been tearing up stage...

Diamante -‘ Coming In Hot’ – Album Review

LA Rock siren Diamante lands with her debut album Coming In Hot June 15th and it is a cracker. Blistering vocals from this Rock beauty gives her debut a real punch along side some fine song writing and the subl...
Casket Feeder

Casket Feeder – ‘Scalps’ – EP Review

Scalpsis the follow up to the self-released EP Venomous Tonguesand good grief is it good. If you like your Death Metal influenced by the Swedish, whilst smashing you in the face with raw brutality and tinged wi...