Enquire Within // Elysium // EP Review


New to my ears but not to the hordes, London’s heavy hitters Enquire Within are set to release a new seven-track EP “Elysium” on the 31st of May, a brutally heavy groove-laden monster that is a joy to behold. Title track “Elysium” gets proceedings underway with an instrumental that gives no warning of what’s to come in the shape of “Seeds Of Destruction”; a blistering track that opens with Jacob Waller letting lose a roar that sends chills down your spine as the rest of the band join in in a majestic cacophony of thumping drums, savage riffs and a nice fat rumbling bass line, the tracks rip along and is enhanced further with Howard Smith from Acid Reign adding his vocals and allows the two singers to play off each others contrasting styles, a ripper solo mid-way through gives the track another bump.

“Sins Of The Father” comes in heavy with a monstrously groovy riff and bass line and kicking drum beat which gives Waller the perfect base to snarl and roar his way through the track, he changes things up around the chorus’ where he opts for a more melodic tone that plays nicely off the chaos that is going on around him, a brilliant track. Continuing the onslaught is “Prison”; once again the heaviness is brought big time as Henry Waller lays down a drum beat that crushes ably assisted by Lewin’s crunching riffs and Ahmets’ booming bass, Jacob’s vocals are brilliant as he shows his full range, this is a sensational track, possibly the best on the ep. The opening riffs and pulsating drum beat on “Final Seal” coupled with Waller’s roar sets the tone for this one, a beast that is packed with riffs and bass lines that have some serious groove, Lewin drops a killer solo midway through while Waller, both of them, continue to pummel you into submission with their respective talents, a cracking track.

The bouncing rhythm on “Point Of No Return” coupled with Waller’s savage vocals, sounding a little like Karl Willetts of Bolt Thrower at stages, makes this an absolute banger; the riffs are heavy as fuck with a monumental drum and bass beat that hits you right in the chest while Lewin’s solo at the backend of the track is sublime. The EP closes with a reworking of “Bloodlines” the title track off their 2019 debut album, a barnstormer that like the original is really intense however the vocals are slightly more refined, still heavy and harsh but with a cleaner cut, very reminiscent of Machine Head and would not be amiss on one of their albums, a nice way to finish it off.

“Elysium” is out on 31st May do not miss it




  Enquire Within – Elysium – Intro 0:49
  Enquire Within – Seeds of Destruction 4:41
  Enquire WIthin – Sins of the Father 3:36
  Enquire Within – Prison 3:43
  Enquire Within – Final Seal 4:03
  Enquire Within – Point of no Return 4:43
  Enquire Within – Bloodlines 6:02

Enquire Within are:

Jacob Waller Vocals

Henry Waller Drums

Daniel Lewin Guitar

Erim Ahmet Bass