King 810 // Under The Black Rainbow // EP Review


KING 810 – a band that brings something different to the table. From when I first heard them – the delivery, the style, the heaviness and the raw emotion made them stand out from the rest.

Being different, the band aren’t for everyone, I get that – but they are for me and the live experience is equally as powerful.

Having turned their view toward the latest EP, which is the follow-up to 2023 Follow My Tears EP, this ambitious project is an episodic film series which is accompanied by this 5 track soundtrack and came about as a result of a series of poems, stories and music which have culminated in this release.

As already stated, the EP comprises of 5 tracks, all with their own distinct story and sound.

Building up into the opening track, the explosions of sound, the grittiness, the power and the force that is packed into this opener is unrivalled. Changes of pace and sound keep you on your toes, whilst the vocal delivery is as brilliant as ever with KING 810.

As ‘Sue’s Song’ lands there is a change in direction, more instruments, effects and a different pace than a sound that just hits differently. It has slight hints of earlier Marilyn Manson at times and with the sing-along style chorus, you don’t waste any time in joining in.

The join-in time of the track continues into ‘Boogie with the Boogieman’ and the industrial side of things is brilliantly on display. A similar type of track as the previous one, you move sing and deliver the poetry at the same time. It is so good!

‘Glow’ has already been released and is a more stripped-back track that displays the balance of beauty and aggression before ‘Bigger Than The Stones’ wraps up the release and is a combination of all the sounds and styles already experienced.

KING 810 have shown yet again that they are a cut above and still something unique and brilliant. The way that the tracks are so much more than songs – they are stories crammed into a poem and put to some stunning music that enhances the atmosphere and elevates everything to stratospheric levels.

Under The Black Rainbow is everything and more that any fan of KING 810 could wish for and I really do push people to get out of their comfort zones and give this a spin.

Under The Black Rainbow will be released on Friday 12th July 2024.

Review: Ed Ford



  1. Hurry Hurry Ahura Mazda
  2. Sue’s Song
  3. Boogie with the Boogieman
  4. Glow
  5. Bigger Than The Stones