Adelon // Resurgence // EP Review


Swiss Technical Death Metallers Adelon are taking the next and biggest step of the band’s progression as they are about to release their debut EP.

The release is four tracks that span just shy of 20 minutes and I have to be honest, to say it’s a debut release, it is very good.

Opening with ‘Fleshless Vertebrae’ and the sound of impending doom bought by the sound of the keys, the atmosphere builds until it reaches a tipping point and the drums erupt, guitars are unleashed into a sharp sound and a vocal that belongs firmly in the Death Metal realm finishes off this intense and oppressive sound. The Technical aspects are there from the start and the structures and sporadic sounds that are included are very impressive. There is definitely a hint of Meshuggah with the drum and guitar patterns, however whereas Meshuggah tends to be very blunt, Adelon has guitar solos that lift and transport above that and on this opening track we also get treated to a little saxophone as well. This is an impressive welcome to the band’s first EP.

Heading on deeper in to the release, the drums get faster and harder as the guitars switch between providing that deep and almost uncomfortable sound alongside some rather delightful and enlightening solos that show off some very impressive skills on the fretboard. When you throw in the fact that there is some synth as well that goes alongside the drum programming, there is a lot going on in the tracks, some of which is not as smashing in the face as others, yet when you hear it you realise how discreet but important it is to the composition of the track.

By the time you reach the latter half of the release, you know what to expect and the quality that has been laid out in front of us is there to hear with every guitar note and drum beat, you would never realise that this is a debut -it has the feel of something that is from an established, mature band that is confident in their sound and style.

Resurgence is a brilliant welcome to this new band and if this release is anything to go by, it will be the first of many releases to come. Adelon have created something that is as good as you are likely to hear in the Tech Death genre and have created a massive headache as they have to build on this great debut and get better for the next release as they continue to develop and grow, however, I will be keeping an eye on what is to come next as this is great.

Resurgence will be released Friday, June 21st 2024 independently.


Review: Ed Ford



  1. Fleshless Vertebrae
  2. Monisme
  3. Crimson Luminescence
  4. Cycles

Pierrick Tromme – Vocals
Titouan Tromme – Bass/Synth
Quentin Landolt – Guitar/Keys/Synth/Drum Programming
Robin Demarta – Drum Programming
Lead guitar on ‘Moniseme’ by Etienne Scherer
Saxophone on ‘Fleshless Vertebrae’ by Bastian Köhli

Genre: Technical Death Metal
For fans of: Decapitated | Gojira | Obscura | Beyond Creation
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