Ba’al // Soft Eyes // EP Review


It has been nearly four long years since the debut album Ellipsism was released by the Sheffield-based band and now the band are back to release this three-track EP on their new record label – Ripcord Records.

As stated, this release is three tracks long, however, please don’t think that it is an old-fashioned single release with a couple of B Sides. The total length of these tracks spans a mammoth 27 minutes, with the shortest being 7:27 so get comfortable and be prepared for something fantastic.

Opening with ‘Ornamental Doll’ and being welcomed by the sound of bird song, you could be forgiven for thinking that this may be a nice and serene opener, however, you may be in for a surprise. The sounds melt from that calm and comforting feel to atmospheric Black Metal brilliance seamlessly. The way that the awakens emotions buried deep inside is very impressive and something that you may not have been prepared for. One second you have a rather pleasant riff and drum with a Blackened vocal and then a scream and the riff takes a turn, the other guitars build there you have it, the drums speed up a little bit and you are in this murky and dark realm.

‘Yearn To Burn Bright’ starts off with the swirl of unease, which doesn’t settle before again, here you are in the middle of this cacophony of Black Metal mixed with Post Metal – its an unusual yet brilliant combination. The unsettling of a Black Metal sound with the unpredictability of a post-metal structure. It is not just the seamless way that the two have been combined that is so impressive, it’s the fact that it works so brilliantly and sounds incredible.

Seeing the EP out with the longest track on the EP – ‘Bamber Bridge’ you will be treated to all the above and more. The changes of pace, sound and style are something that few could manage if they tried. The way that the mood is set and stirs something inside of you is rare but really needs to be experienced. From the most melodic opening to the heavier and unforgiving riff and crushing drums, you are transported onto this rollercoaster of emotions and not strapped in.

Soft Eyes is one of the best releases I have heard this year. There is nothing that springs to mind that has grabbed me as hard as this and also made the listening experience more than just pressing play. Allow yourself to experience the uncertainty of unfamiliar structures with Post-Black Metal and feel the music.

Soft Eyes will be released May 3rd 2024 via Ripcord Records.


Review: Ed Ford



Track list.

  1. Ornamental Doll
  2. Yearn To Burn Bright
  3. Bamber Bridge



Joe Stamps – Vocals
Richard Spencer – Bass
Nick Gosling – Guitar
Chris Mole – Guitar
Luke Rutter – Drums

Genre: Blackened Post Metal
For fans of: Conjurer | Oathbreaker | Inter Arma | The Ocean

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