Nyrak // Devourer Of All // Album Review


Belgium-based Atmospheric Black Metal golgotha Nyrak have returned with their sophomore album in hand.

Formed in 2021 originally as a solo project by Guy Van Nieuwenhove (aka Nevel) but now fully formed into a solid band & with the release of 2022’s “Malvs” was thrusted upon the world to take notice of Nyraks own brand of Norwegian black metal in the vein of Dimmu Borgir, Abigail Williams & Dissection.

The band’s newest effort “Devourer Of All” is their follow-up & the dreaded sophomore album. Thankfully from the beginning opening track “The Eyes of Time” they are firing on all cylinders.

Starting a soft & stubble classical keys opening section before at the perfect moment the band all blasts in together. The energy is high & furious. Invoking the grand sounds of say Emperor & later Behemoth, the group ride the perfect line of being heavy as hell in the black metal sound but also adding the contextually orchestrated keys & choir vocals to the perfect moments of the songs to increase the grandiose sound they are conveying.

Following the title track “Devourer of All” really boasts well. The second this track begins there is a flurry of tremolo picking, symphonic keys & blasting on the drums. Full of power & invigoration this track deserves its title track name. The pace on this track is kept firmly high which helps its intensity be high & mighty.

One of the highlights already so early into the album is the production. With a mix of fantastic musicians including Lukas Risbourg on Vocals/Guitar, and Guy Van Nieuwenhove (aka Nevel) who composes the orchestration & bass (live) as well as guitar (studio). Sven Van Laere on second guitar finally Bran Veldeman on drums mixed with being mixed & mastered at Project Zero Recording Studio (Nervosa, Serpents Oath, Carnation) has allowed the album to have the rich sound this style of black metal calls for. It has the raw power of the 90s / 00’s black metal but with the clarity of the atmospheric elements being heard & so present to create a perfectly balanced album sound.

The stand out for me “Oceans of Lies” is the most epic track on the album. Opening with a large horn section before unleashing into this great paced track. It has beautiful ebenflow sections where sections of the guitars cut out & adds a different dynamic to the track, This one feels like the most written & has a more experimental style which i believe makes it great & adds something to the black metal sound. Tracks like this will always stand out greatly & I would love to see this played live.

As the end of the album draws near “The Abstract Shape of Life” feels like the most expansive & melodic track of the album. It still has the raw power early in the album but it feels like closing moments of a saga like mediaeval film. Full of power, intent & really pushing for that grand closing moment. It might be the “lightest” track on the album; what it adds to the album is a refreshing closing chapter that helps elevate & finish the album out with a great lasting memory of the grand musical journey Nyrak set upon the listener.

“Devourer Of All” isn’t a cookie cutter album. It really plays with the dynamics within the black metal spectrum. Pushing beautiful atmospheric elements, while keeping that raw, powerful & blasting sound we all adore within the norwegian sound. This album is a mammoth journey that carries the listener through some of its darkest & most gorgeous moments which culminates in an outstanding album.

Review: Guy Williams

Devourer Of All arrives Via Phoenix Mortis Productions On May 3rd 2024

Lukas Risbourg – Vocals/Guitar
Guy Van Nieuwenhove (aka Nevel) – Composer/Orchestration/Bass (live)/Guitar (studio)
Sven Van Laere – Guitar
Bran Veldeman – Drums

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
For fans of: Dimmu Borgir | Abigail Williams | Agathodaimon | Serpents Oath

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