Joe Bonamassa

Joe Bonamassa – Redemption – Album Review

Joe Bonamassa returns with what could be his finest offering to date in Redemption. At first glance this album could be mistaken as another off the cuff release by one of Blues most prolific musicians, but that...

Send Requests – Perspectives – Album Review

Send Requests ​have released their latest album ​Perspectives.​ This is the first to be released since the band joined SharpTone records and they are showing exactly why this record company wanted them ...

WSTR – ‘Identity Crisis’ – Album Review

WSTR ​have been making the waves with Pop Punk over the past few years and now they have a brand new album to keep pushing forward. ​Identity Crisis ​is the follow up to past years debut album ​Red, Gre...

Ben Poole – Anytime You Need Me – Album Review

Ben Poole drops his latest offering Anytime You Need Me Sept 14th and it is one to watch out for. Ten standout tracks that showcase Poole’s slick guitar playing combined with first class song writing make it an...
Monster Truck

Monster Truck – True Rockers – Album Review

Two years have passed since the incredible Sittin’ Heavy was released and it’s been a busy period for the Monster Truck juggernaut. Touring with Deep Purple, Black Stone Chery, Jane’s Addiction, Alterbridge and...

Federal Charm – Passenger – Album Review

Federal Charm drop their highly anticipated third studio album Passenger on Sept 14th, It’s is an rebirth of a kind for Federal Charm with new vocalist Tom Guyer taking pole position on this recording. Feder...

Imperialist – Cipher – Album Review

When thinking about Black Metal we usually think of burning churches, corpse paint and black and white Scandinavian landscapes, however not Imperialist, as Cipher is a Black Metal album themed around Space. ...