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Having written her first song aged 13 years old, in the small prairie town of Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Tenille Arts has been non-stop on the music front and has some dizzying heights in the world of country music. If I listed all the awards, it would take up too much space on the page, however in short – there are a lot of them and also have a single ‘Somebody Like That’ is certified Platinum (nearly double) as well as a couple of other songs reaching Gold certification.

Having toured alongside Lady A, Luke Combs and Scotty McCreery to name a few, Tenille will also be opening for Luke Bryan on the Canadian leg of his upcoming tour.

So, onto this album, Tenille co-wrote 12 of the 14 tracks on this album and boasts some huge names that have helped out with the process, including Demi Lovato as well as writing teams with Alison Veltz Criz and Alex Kline, again the list of people who are wanting to help out with the writing process is testament to the talent of Tenille Arts.

When people ask me why I like Country music, I always say that in my opinion, it is the purest form of storytelling. In a good Country song, you relate and live the songs and that is exactly what happens when you press play on To Be Honest. The art of storytelling isn’t that of how it is said but how its heard and Tenille Arts is one of the best that I have heard at this.

The fact that Tenille presents a look into the rawest and most vulnerable moments of the last few years and more than that – makes you feel the emotion that the songs were written with is so rare and incredibly special.

Most people will immediately relate to many of the songs and tracks like ‘Dying To Be Pretty’ highlight such an issue in modern society, whilst anyone who has had their heart broken will feel every lyric of ‘How Do You Sleep.’ What is important to understand here is that every track is special and you may not feel how much it has grabbed you at first but when the last note of each song ends, you reflect and realise that you get it.

To Be Honest is the best Country album I have heard this year – it is so much more than a record, it is an experience that you will feel.

To Be Honest, will be released Friday, May 3rd 2024 via Dreamcatcher Artists.


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Review: Ed Ford


to be honest Track Listing

1. “To Be Honest” (Ross Copperman, Emily Weisband, James McNair, Tenille Arts, produced by Ross Copperman)

2. “So Do I” (King Henry, Demi Lovato, Sasha Sloan, Laura Veltz, produced by King Henry)

3. “Wonder Woman” (Alex Kline, Tenille Arts, Allison Veltz Cruz, produced by Alex Kline)

4. “Dying To Be Pretty” (Jesse Frasure, Jessi Jo Dillon, Tenille Arts, produced by Jesse Frasure)

5. “Something I Can Cry To” (Jesse Frasure, Jessi Jo Dillon, Tenille Arts, produced by Jesse Frasure)

6. How Do You Sleep” (Sasha Sloan, Henry Agincourt Allen, Tenille Arts, produced by King Henry)

7. “People Change” (Chris Lacorte, Emily Weisband, Tenille Arts, produced by Ross Copperman)

8. “Want Her Back” (Tenille Arts, Scott Stepakoff, Aaron Eshuis, produced by Ross Copperman)

9. “Next Best Thing” (Emily Weisband, Ross Copperman, Tenille Arts, produced by Ross Copperman)

10. “Call Me When You Get Home Friends” (Tenille Arts, Alex Kline, Trannie Anderson, produced by Alex Kline)

11. “Mama’s Eyes” (Tenille Arts, Alex Kline, Trannie Anderson, produced by Alex Kline)

12. “Summer Don’t Go” (Allison Veltz Cruz, Jordan Reynolds, Tenille Arts, produced by Ross Copperman)

13. “Jealous of Myself” (feat. LeAnn Rimes) (Emily Weisband, Trevor Rosen, John Byron, produced by Nathan Chapman)

14. “Last Time Last” (feat. Maddie & Tae) (Tenille Arts, Alex Kline, Allison Veltz Cruz, Trannie Anderson, produced by Alex Kline)


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