Crossfaith // A?K // Album Review


Since 2006, Crossfaith has been blending influences and genres, and having released their debut album in 2011 under the heading of The Dream, The Space the band has show that mashing up these sounds is something special and to behold.

Having followed up the debut in 2013 with Apocolyze, the band released Xeno in 2015 and Ex Machina in 2018, alongside a few Eps and singles.

Now is the time for what the band call their rebirth, having announced a hiatus in 2022 – burned out and nearly calling it quiet forever – the first release in 6 years is the band’s return, hopefully, a joyous one.

The 11 tracks span 35 minutes and the short version of this review is that it is a whole heap of fun.

Opening with ‘The Final Call’ you really get the feeling of the broad range of influences and the fact that this is seen is a new start. Get your dancing shoes on folks, expect some curveballs, some unique combinations and some original sounds.

As the album progresses to ‘Zero’ from the intro, you feel the crippling Metalcore begin to take effect and then those other genres begin to add their layers – with Electronica providing a switch before reverting back to the Metalcore.

Get used to this almost Jekyll and Hyde production as the sounds sometimes battle each other to gain supremacy, yet throughout this battle they form an alliance and complement each other perfectly and find a balance where the music wins.

The vocal switches as well as the music, flicking between a Metalcore aggression and a cleaner song voice, matching the sound and feeling of what is being blasted down your ears.

The album features a few guest appearances, the best one for me is on ‘God Speed’ featuring WARGASM. The inclusion of the female vocal really adds a fresh twist to what you have heard and fits perfectly into that track that can only be called a banger. You will dance and mosh to this shit.

So, is this the return that Crossfaith needed? I would say its better. It has a bit of everything, thrown into the melting pot and out comes this utter smash of an album that flies by and before you know it you are pressing play again. It’s a lot of heaviness, a lot of dance and a lot of great music.


A?K will be released Friday 26th June 2024 via UNFD.

Review: Ed Ford



  1. The Final Call
  2. ZERO
  3. My Own Salvation
  4. God Speed feat WARGASM
  5. Warriors feat MAH from SiM
  7. DV; MM ¥ SY5T3M
  8. A. M. N. feat Bobby Wolfgang
  9. Night Waves
  10. Afterglow
  11. Canopus


CrossfaithOfficial – YouTube