War Grave // War Grave // Album Review


There are a few superlatives that I could use to describe this ep but the most apt one is outstanding.

From the very off this sounds and feels epic and sure why wouldn’t it be when the opener and title track “War Grave” is a heavy metal monster with a sprinkling of thrash, from the killer drum beat to Kantoch’s brilliant vocals; sounding like Philly Byrne of Gama Bomb and at later stages of the track Paul Di’Anno, this has everything you could want, the guitar work of Powel and Layne is mesmerising; the riffs are insane and the solos are out of this world.

The blistering “Enchained” continues the onslaught with a great track combining all the traditional metal elements with some great thrash riffs and drumming that drive the track, Gosset’s bass is more pronounced on this one and the guitars are amazing once again. “Witch” has Tim “Ripper” Owens guesting on vocals and as you would expect from him he puts in a masterful performance, he and Kantoch trade off nicely, each complementing the other with their vocal stylings; the pulsating drum beat and chugging riffs propel the track and you will be picking your jaw up off the floor when you hear the solo as it emerges from the riffs to blow you away, it’s just amazing and makes the track even better than it already was.

On “Revenge Is Near” Kantoch drops his vocals to a deeper more sinister tone which is perfect for the backdrop of thundering drums, cutting riffs and a hefty bass line that creates an intense feeling, not to mention an insane rhythm, making this the stand out track on the ep. “Price To Pay” crosses the genre with a mix of power, speed/thrash and good old-fashioned metal, from the thrash-style drums and riffs to the power metal vocals this one gives its all and then some, once again the guitar wizardry is mental.

This is a cracker of an ep so one can only imagine what the full-length album will be like!

War Grave is out now and available via all purveyors of fine music.

Review: Conor

War Grave EP – Tracklist

  1. War Graves
  2. Enchained
  3. Witch
  4. Revenge Is Near
  5. Price To Pay

Roman Kantoch – Vocals
Charlie Gossett – Bass
Trent Powell – Guitar
Stuart Layne – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Steve Brill – Drums

Genre: Heavy Metal
For fans of Megadeth | Judas Priest | Symphony X | Iron Maiden

Further Information:

War Grave EP pre-save link: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/wargrave1/wargrave-self-titled
‘Witch’ single pre-save link: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/wargrave1/witch-feat-tim-ripper-owens
EP/Bundles pre-order link: https://wargraveofficial.bandcamp.com/album/wargrave