P.O.D. // Veritas // Album Review


Six years on from their last release, “Circles”, P.O.D. are set to drop their eleventh album, “Veritas”, and to be honest it is one of if not their best ones to date.

From the first chord you know it’s P.O.D. but there is a heavier more rock/metal sound to it, yes it holds on to what brought them to the dance in the form of rap rock with reggae influences but with a harder feel to it. Opener “Drop” is a prime example of this with a monster drum and bass beat that reverberates right through you, Sandoval is in top form and guest vocalist Randy Blythe, Lamb of God, kills with his cameo in before the chorus, the riffs are off the chart and give the track a cool bouncing feel so much so that you can picture the crowd jumping up and down when this is done live, a great way to start things off.

The groove just drips from “I Got That” Curiel’s guitar play is immense and combined with Daniel’s cool bass riffs it gives the track the kick that sets it off, Sandoval kills it, and this is a serious earworm. “Afraid To Die” is a standout on the album, a big anthem with a massive singalong chorus that is so hard to get out of your head once you hear it, Tatiana Shmailyuk of Jinjer drops in as a guest on this one and she haunting vocals are a great foil for Sandoval’s. “Dead Right” may well be the shortest track on the album but it packs a mighty punch with heavy riffs and drums with a thumping bass only to be tempered by a softer approach around the chorus’, a great track. “Breaking” is a typical P.O.D. track with rap-heavy verses that break down at the chorus’ to a heavy riff-centred track, Sandoval is brilliant here spitting out lyrics like venom one minute and then soft calmer vocals the next, a revamped feel to their tried and trusted sound, killer.

With its massive sound “Lay Me Down (Roo’s Song)” has an anthem written all over it, the chugging guitars over the rumbling bass and cracking drum beat drive the track but it’s Sandoval who puts in an unreal shift that elevates this track to the next level, my favourite track on the album. The heavy rhythm on “I Won’t Bow Down” blows you away as it blasts from the speakers; the combination of the drums and the crunching guitar riffs makes this a beast as Sandoval rips it up with his rap-style vocals, a savage track. “This Is My Life” has a definite punk sound to it as they tear it up with harsher vocals, thumping drums and cutting riffs add in Cove Reber guesting on vocals and you have a gem of a track. “Lies We Tell Ourselves” is a great rock track that has shades of Face To Face and a most definite Wezzer riff running through it, Curiel adds a little spice by dropping a nice solo towards the end of the track. Sandoval opens “We Are One (Our Struggle)” like a man possessed as lays it on thick with his rap-style vocals before the band come crashing in over him with a monstrous beat of bass and drums while Curiel works his wizardry on the guitar with some great riffs and drops a killer solo near the end, a good heavy track that will likely become a standard bearer for them.

The album closes with “Feeling Strange”, starting in a subdued manner with a softly strummed guitar and backing track before it explodes into a foot-stomping, fist-pumping rocker, the track seesaws back and forth before culminating in a crescendo that has Curiel emerging from the chaos with an amazing solo, a great way to finish the album. 

For my money, one of the albums of the year and very possibly the best one the band has ever released.

Review: Conor


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‘Veritas’ Album Cover artwork

Track Listing

DROP” (Feat. Randy Blythe)


AFRAID TO DIE” (Feat. Tatiana Shmayluk)



“LAY ME DOWN” (Roo’s Song)


“THIS IS MY LIFE” (Feat. Cove Reber)





P.O.D. are

Sonny Sandoval Vocals

Marcos Curiel Guitars

Traa Daniels Bass