Deicide // Banished By Sin // Album Review


With a career spanning 35 years, Deicide is back with a stonker of a 13th album.

“Banished By Sin” has been a six-year wait since the titan’s last album “Overtures of Blasphemy. Which showcased the band’s unfuckwithable brand of brutal & no-holds barred style of death metal.

Now with what seems hailed by the band as a return to their 90s sound will “Banished By Sin” hold up to the rest of the band’s legacy?

Right from the opening track “From Unknown Heights You Shall Fall” the group can hook you in with a thumping & chugging opening section before they bring in their fast & frenetic style of thrashing & blasting. This track is a fantastic opener. Nonstop arse-beater that shows the return of Glen Bentons signature high & low vocals that perfectly leave a sinister word in the listener’s ear.

One of the singles from the album “Sever the Tongue” plays around with song structure & the band’s stellar song writing. The opening few moments feel disjointed but are something new & exciting within the Deicide sound. As the quick section grabs your attention the track fully blossoms.

This track has that early “Self Titled” & “Legion” flare of songwriting. Great dynamics & a superb performance from drumming legend Steve Asheim. His progressive drumming style has always well suited Deicide’s sound and set their drum sound apart from other early 90s death metal acts. Adding flare & timing that other drummers dare never to touch but Steve is truly in a league of his own when it comes to writing memorable tracks.

A great continuation of the last album, the track “Bury the Cross… with Your Christ” has the perfect earworm swagger. A true stand-out on the album. It has the lead single feel where only after one listen do you have the track’s hooky groove already being hummed. The guitar work on this track by Kevin Quirion & band newcomer Taylor Nordberg is incredible. Dipping its toes in the “The Stench of Redemption” era of the band but still adding new elements, crazy lead playing & yet again another grotesque vocal performance from Benton that hits on all levels.

The album’s title track “Banished by Sin” feels like the group’s most “experimental track” Now thats not to say the band are abandoning their sound but this track still has its fast pace but it feels like they added a few more elements sprinkled in. With a heavy blackened thrash style opening that quickly changes into the Deicide style groove but throughout recalling the opening riff gives it this brighter sound. Still carries a huge set of balls but it’s about to introduce brief moments that leave the track breath & give it a greatly expanded sound.

The album’s closing track “The Light Defeated” feels like a great bookend to the album. It’s one of the most catchy tracks on the album, which feels like it would be better higher in the album’s running order but as a closer it leaves the listener on a high note. With chaotic blasting & tremolo riffs that track opens unrelenting & furious.

The chorus section on this track brings the speed down enough to feel like a spiritual successor to “Homage For Satan”. Also leaving the best lead & solo work on the album till the end Quirion & Nordberg give it their all & Decide to close the album at an absolute high point.

It’s pretty baffling to think that Deicide has been a group now for 35 years & can still release some of its best material to date.

“Banished By Sin” is the perfect amalgamation of what makes Deicide the legacy band they are. Harking back to all generations of the band’s discography while also pushing the boundaries of the band’s sound. Once again this is another home run for the torchbearers of blasphemous death metal.

Guy Williams

Banished By Sin is out via Reigning Phoenix Music (RPM) on 26th April 2024

  From Unknown Heights You Shall Fall 3:25
  Doomed To Die 3:11
  Sever The Tongue 3:24
  Faithless 3:26
  Bury The Cross…With Your Christ 2:55
  Woke From God 3:04
  Ritual Defied 3:36
  Failures Of Your Dying Lord 3:22
  Banished By Sin 3:04
  A Trinity Of None 3:26
  I Am I…A Curse Of Death 3:00
  The Light Defeated 3:06