Fangclub // All Good // EP Review


Fangclub, one of the best bands to ever come out of Dublin, are set to release new music for their adoring fans on the 14th of June; a five-track EP that encapsulates everything good about this particular trio.

The band has grown in the five years since the release of their critically acclaimed album “Vulture Culture”, there is a more mature sound to the music which in turn gives it a bigger, more refined feel, opener “Attention” is a prime example of that with its gritty riffs and banging rhythm; thanks to Coleman and Keane on the drums and bass respectively, King drops a nice solo midway through which is amazing to go along nicely with his vocals which seem to have been honed even more so in the last few years, or maybe they have always sounded this good but were forgotten as they haven’t been heard in a while, either way he smashes it and a great way to start.

The fun doesn’t stop there as “Out Of My Head” brings a weird and wonderful funky track, with a hint of Velvet Revolver and even, and maybe it’s just me here, a little of U2’s “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me”, either way, this rocks with its booming bass line and cool riffs, one seriously infectious tune. “Natural” changes it up a bit with a slower tempo but a heavier feel, the addition of a techno/synth beat is a nice curve ball especially when it runs alongside Keane’s rumbling bass line lending a bit of heft to the track, King’s vocals once more are sublime; refined and smooth as fuck, his funky solo towards the end of the track isn’t half bad either, this one grows on you believe me. “You Had Me At Hello” is a mashup of their old sound and their newer style; opening like a banger from “Fangclub” that drops into a groovy number, kinda Wezzeresque, a bouncy rocker and real earworm.

The EP closes with “Exit Oblivion”, a quirky opening that gives way to an absolute banger of a tune, once again the guys outdo themselves; the combo of Keane and Coleman is unreal as they create a rhythm that shakes the foundations so heavy while King tears it on the guitar and vocals, how he does both with consummate ease is anyone’s guess, simply put this track is outstanding.   

A triumphant return for the band, now bring on a full album.

Review: Conor 


Fangclub are:

Steven King Vocals, guitar

Kevin Keane Bass

Dara Coleman Drums

Fangclub – ‘All Good’ | Out Friday 14th June 2024

Fangclub – ‘Natural’ | Out Now: Fangclub – Natural (

EP Tracklisting:
1. Attention

2. Out Of My Head 

3. Natural

4. You Had Me At Hello

5. Exit Oblivion

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