Stengah // Downward Mechanic // EP Review


Following on from their massively successful debut “Soma Sema”, Stengah is set to release “Downward Mechanic”, a five-track ep, on the 1st of December, a while it may be short it is full on. The first track “Earth Awakens” is a beast, opening with a guttural roar it is unrelenting from the start, heavy as hell with Williams on drums and Cretuer’s bass laying the foundations for Queste’s crushing vocals, as heavy and brutal as it is there is an underlying groove that is killer.

“Reign Of An Apocryph” is heavier and more intense than its predecessor as Queste makes it his mission to destroy all in his path with his mammoth vocals, the drums and bass are an integral part here as they back up his power, the guitars create a cool groovy rhythm midway through the track as it hits a mellow spot before it seamlessly shifts back to insanity. “Resurface” is a short melodic respite from the brutality, it has Queste singing cleanly to a gently strummed guitar that calms things down before the storm. That storm comes in the shape of “Sheltered Within”, a brilliant track that mixes it up between the rough and smooth, opening up on the heavy side with pounding drums, a thumping bass line and some savage riffs while Queste roars his way in before it drops back to a calmer vibe and clean vocals with funky beat running under it, as the intensity goes back up again the track tends to trail off in some ethereal direction with atmospheric noises before Queste roars back in and all is good again. The last track on the ep is “Inner Space”, a stunning piece of work that shifts from heavy to melodic in the blink of an eye, Queste seems to have kept his best for last, while the cutting riffs from Delassus and Orta are sublime all built off Williame’s thunderous drums and Cretuer’s massive bass, simply amazing.

A nice up to tide you over till their next full-length album.

STENGAH  Release ‘Downward Mechanic’ EP 1st December Via: Mascot Records

Watch the first taste with ‘The Earth Awakes’ video here:


Review: Conor 

Track listing:

  1. The Earth Awakes
  2. Reign Of An Apocryph
  3. Resurface (September’s Gone)
  4. Sheltered Within
  5. Inner Space

Stengah are:

Nicolas Queste Vocals

Maxime Delassus Guitars

Alex Orta Guitars

Benoit Cretuer Bass

Eliott Williame Drums