Void Of Vision // EP Chronicles III: Underworld // EP Review


Following up EP Chronicles II: Heaven which was released earlier in the year, Void Of Vision is about to drop the next installment in the EP series which also happens to the final chapter.

This EP comprises 3 songs by the quartet from Melbourne and concluding this story and following on from Chronicles I: Lust and Chronicles II: Heaven, the band have some busy touring upcoming as they head across Australia and then they have lined up a UK tour in January and February and then a huge show as part of Knotfest Australia alongside Slipknot, Megadeth and Australia’s own Parkway Drive.

So what can you expect from this three-track teaser? Well, it opens with the brand new single ‘HELL HELL HELL’ which slaps you with its industrial sounds that are combined with an electronic undertow and an extreme vocal. The result is something that will have you windmilling in time with the beat, and then the breakdowns land and you will just wonder what the fuck is going on! The answer is something very impressive and engrossing. Think of it like a much heavier version of modern Enter Shikari, more like their original stuff.

Following up ‘ASMR’ which feels like a modern Depeche Mode vibe with the synths and the beat is very Nine Inch Nails. The vocal on the other hand is very unique, and it feels dark and mysterious. The industrial element is still very strong on this track and whilst it may not be as crushing as the opening song, it certainly hits the spot nicely and picks up the BPM toward the end.

Closing with ‘NEUE ONE’ again that  Depeche Mode sound hits me straight away, just a bit quicker with some added effects that add a sprinkle of horror to proceedings. Again there is a strong beat, one that wouldn’t be out of place in a movie scene from XXX in a dark and dingy club somewhere.

This EP is as diverse a sound as I have heard in a while. It’s not Industrial, it’s not Metal, it’s not Dance, but what it is, is something that grabs you, slams you against a wall and repeats itself. This kind of release is what I think the progression of music is heading toward, where people are no longer confined by genres but just making music that they feel.

I will be intrigued to see where the band head next, it could be a very exciting future for Void Of Vision.

EP Chronicles III: Underworld will be released Friday, November 11th via UNFD.

Ed Ford



  2. ASMR


After finding sonic heaven on earth via their EP CHRONICLES II: HEAVEN earlier this year, Melbourne’s Void Of Vision unforgettably spiralled headfirst into the the abyss with a brand new single HELL HELL HELL.

Stepping fearlessly beyond their previous works into more caustic and clear-cut new territory, HELL HELL HELL is a ferocious extension of the quartet’s trademark metal; part industrial, part futuristic, and 100% monumental from start to finish.

The track is a fitting sonic inferno full of blazing riffs, gutteral vocals and relentless soundscapes, while also firmly demonstrating the significant progression that Jack Bergin, James McKendrick, Mitch Fairlie and George Pfaendner have always collectively pursued.

“To let this creativity flow so effortlessly and be able to share this with the confidence we would alongside any other piece of work we share is truly a full circle moment for us – feeling as if we’ve been working to bury old material and leave it in the past, adding a whole new style for us into the mix at this stage has been almost therapeutic, challenging ourselves and pushing each other to new levels is now the norm for Void Of Vision and exactly where you’ll find the best material from Void Of Vision.”

The final piece of the puzzle of the Chronicles series, the glue to the soundtrack to the end of the world, a little slice of Hell.

“This EP is pretty much the full circle moment in the Chronicles series, where I’m left with a bit of a ‘fuck this’ moment and have all the opportunity to let everything go and fall back into old habits, or to take on yet another obstacle in my way and keep pushing through. Wanted to end this series on a very bleak and open note to leave a bit of uncertainty to what comes next, it’s almost like living on the edge between these two sides has allowed me to harness a power I’ve never come across before and I want to keep utilising it.”

Previously swapping angst and self-loathing for personal growth and introspection between their previous EPs CHRONICLES I: LUST and CHRONICLES II: HEAVEN respectively, fans will get to witness the divine fire and brimstone of Void Of Vision’s latest single HELL HELL HELL with with the group imminently set to appear alongside Holding Absence in the UK, as well as a regional Australian tour kicking off in November with supports from The Beautiful Monument and Diamond Construct. Looking ahead to next Spring, the band play Knotfest Australian run with the likes of Slipknot, Parkway Drive and Megadeth.





18 EXETER Phoenix

19 OXFORD Academy 2

20 LEICESTER O2 Academy 2

21 NOTTINGHAM Rescue Rooms

22 LINCOLN The Drill

24 SUNDERLAND Independent

25 EDINBURGH Mash House

26 HULL Welly 2

27 CARLISLE Brickyard

28 LIVERPOOL O2 Academy 2

30 STOKE Sugarmill

31 BRISTOL Fleece


01 PORTSMOUTH Wedgwood Rooms

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