Void Of Vision Announce New Album “What I’ll Leave Behind”



A new era has dawned for Melbourne’s Void Of Vision, with the quartet today announcing a brand new album, What I’ll Leave Behind, due out on September 20 via UNFD. Pre-order it here.

A stupefying collecting of explosive riffs, viscous textures, and serrated metalcore, What I’ll Leave Behind finds Void Of Vision barreling their trademark sounds into new and scintillating territory, redefining modern heavy music through a sharp and compelling lens.

Accompanying today’s announcement, Void Of Vision have also unleashed the video for new single “Gamma Knife” flitting between raw and percolating verses and electrifying choruses, while also detailing vocalist Jack Bergin‘s personal growth following a harrowing health experience.

Watch the video for “Gamma Knife” here.

“‘Gamma Knife’ is about my near death experience and the desire for clarity in the aftermath,” shares Bergin. “To truly discover if everything I went through in the healing process would change me and everything around me for the better. I felt like the idea of going through radiosurgery figuratively felt like it was not only destroying the malformation in my brain but also a negative version of myself I needed to leave in the past.”

On January 23, 2022, Bergin woke up in an ambulance. Prone on a gurney, hurtling through the streets of Melbourne toward the nearest E.R., the Void Of Vision frontman was confused and terrified, uncertain of how he’d arrived here.

The immediate cause: Bergin had suffered a seizure in the dead of night, nearly biting off his tongue in the process, and fortunately awakening members of his household, who promptly contacted emergency services. The more fundamental, tectonic-plates-of-life shifting reason was revealed after days of tests and a revolving door of specialists: Bergin had a “glitch” in his head. An arteriovenous malformation (AVM), to be precise, a tangle of blood vessels in his brain, revealed by MRI and CT scans.

Cautiously discharged from medical care after 10 days with a prescription of seizure medication, and the advice to “avoid activities that raise blood pressure,” Bergin instead soldiered on, shooting an intense music video for for “DOMINATRIX,” the lead single the band’s 2023 CHRONICLES II: HEAVEN EP just days after leaving his hospital bed, before touring internationally across North America and Europe, and returning home for the recording of CHRONICLES III: UNDERWORLD.

Though Void Of Vision ploughed ahead with all commitments, a creeping exhaustion forced Bergin to take stock of what his body was telling him, ultimately forcing him to step back and simultaneously halt all proceedings. Ever the artist and storyteller, Bergin’s version of adaptation led to the genesis of a “second Jack,” a more private, disconnected persona to act as alibi for his being absent and less available on tour. This persona was dubbed the “Angel Of Darkness,” a shadow-self and creative gimmick that enabled the real Jack Bergin to take his foot off the gas, to take the space he so needed to get through each day on tour, whilst still propelling Void Of Vision’s artistic world forward.

Alas, the steps taken were not enough: on April 5, 2023, Bergin awoke to a searing headache unlike anything he’d experienced before and checked himself into hospital. Scans revealed that the AVM had ruptured, and he was suffering a brain bleed. Surgery was now essential; immediately it was clear that Void Of Vision’s schedule, including headline shows, festivals and the recording of their next album, needed to be wiped clean, as Jack was hospitalized for the foreseeable future.

Experiencing what he today acknowledges was little short of an existential crisis, Bergin spent the weeks in his hospital bed in a state of exhaustive, draining introspection, reflection and analysis, oscillating between contradictory emotions, facing his own mortality and questioning everything: “Was/is it all worth it? What am I doing with my life? Who am I without the band? What will I leave behind?”

“Trying to make music for a living is like a bloodsport, but one where even moments of triumph can feel hollow,” Bergin reveals. “At times, I felt totally over it, fed up with giving literally everything for people to just not give a shit, at others I’d be mad at myself for indulging in a pity party. My feelings were a constant juxtaposition.”

From this state of conflict, Bergin’s internal war of attrition, came What I’ll Leave Behind, Void Of Vision’s fourth album.

With a loftier, metaphor-shrouded concept no longer resonating as appropriate catharsis for what Bergin endured and continues to battle, the album instead became a raw, open-heart and open-vein journey into a ravaged psyche locked in vicious cycles, with Bergin eschewing the album’s initial fascia in favor of “total honesty.”

“The album is a reflection, on and of everything; coming to terms with life and mortality,  finding inner peace from within the impact crater.”

What I’ll Leave Behind finds Bergin and his bandmates, James McKendrick (guitar/vocals), George Pfaender (drums), and Mitch Fairlie (guitar) more focused than ever, the genre polyamory of the CHRONICLES era smelted and reforged into a sound that is distinctly, unmistakably, joyously their own. Nasty heavy, yet sleekly surgical, it offers the perfect soundtrack for a journey from disaster to acceptance, via trauma, uncertainty, loss and learning.

“I feel a lot better now about dealing with the future, about balancing my  health and art,” says Bergin, re-energised following a successful first round of gamma knife radiosurgery and a full U.S. tour supporting ERRA. “I’m grateful to be alive.”

Void Of Vision have solidified their standing as one of the most innovative and sonically explosive acts in the heavy scene for over a decade. From their debut EP, 2014’s Broken // Bones through to 2016’s Children of Chrome, 2017’s Disturbia, 2019’s Hyperdaze, and the release of the amalgamated CHRONICLES series in 2023, a new future was heralded last year by the arrival of a standalone single “Angel Of Darkness,” an alt metal rager weighted equally by searing heaviness and pulsing pop, helmed by the titular Angel Of Darkness as the band’s representative during the single’s campaign.

With recent unforgettable performances at home and abroad in their wake also alongside Stray From The Path, Holding Absence, Polaris and the first ever edition of Knotfest Australia, Void Of Vision will join Aussie juggernauts Parkway Drive on their gargantuan 20 Year Anniversary Tour in Australia this September along with I Prevail and The Ghost Inside.

“Blood For Blood”
“Gamma Knife”
“Beautiful Things”
“Midnight Sweat”
“Angel of Darkness”