Three Days Grace // Explosions // Album Review


Canadian rockers Three Days Grace are back with a cracking seventh studio album, “Explosions”, a heady mix of hard rock, grungy alt and power ballads that will please just about everyone.

The opening track “So-Called Life” kicks things off with a massive booming sound, full of gnarly riffs and thumping bass with a funky kind of electro beat running in the background while Walst snarls and sneers his way through the song, nice and heavy, a great way to get things moving. “I Am The Weapon” keeps the intensity going with a thunderous drum beat backed up by heavy riffs that drive the song with Walst putting in a stellar vocal performance.

“Neurotic” eases you in with a more electro style with keyboards and mixer before it explodes when the chorus hits as crunching riffs come in over the top with Walst’s vocals giving it a massive lift, a seriously infectious mix of electro and metal, killer song. “Lifetime” is a really strong song that has all the trademarks of a power ballad; a soft opening before it hits a crescendo of drums, powerful riffs and bass, Walst’s vocals are stunning, a brilliant track. “A Scar Is Born” picks the tempo up with a thumping drum beat, slapping bass and chugging riffs, Walst’s vocals on this track are some of his best work, getting the balance between the rockier and a more harmonic styles to perfection. “Souvenirs” is another ballad style song that showcases the band’s immense talent.

“No Tomorrow” has an edgier feel to it, built on a base of keyboards and a kicking bass beat that is backed up by gritty riffs while Walst kills it by changing the vocals up between sneering and harmonious, giving you one of the best songs on the album. “Redemption” once again puts the spotlight on Walst and his vocal prowess, as he puts in one of his finest performances here, on a track that has an uplifting feel to it, with an airy lifting chorus’ and a killer backdrop of guitars and drums. “Heart Of A Champion” has a big kick to it thanks partly to a heavy bass beat and Walst’s rougher style vocals, nice groove-filled riffs are a big plus. “Chain Of Abuse” is another cracker, a crushing drum beat sets the tone alongside great guitars, a really captivating song that has shades of fellow Canadians Sum 41. “Someone To Talk To” is the slowest and softest track on the album with the stunning Apocolyptica providing a chilling instrumental backup, a haunting track. The album closes with the title track “Explosions” a mix of all that has come before with nice acoustic overtones that literally explode, when the chorus hits, with a massive wall of sound as Walst switches seamlessly between clean and his raw rocky vocals to give you the ultimate closer.


Review: Conor


Explosions is out on 6th May via Music For Nations.



  01 SO CALLED LIFE 3:27
  02 I Am The Weapon 2:56
  03 NEUROTIC 3:17
  04 Lifetime 2:56
  05 SCAR IS BORN 3:33
  06 SOUVENIRS 3:10
  07 No Tomorrow 2:53
  08 Redemption 3:11
  09 Heart of a Champion 3:02
  10 Chain Of Abuse 3:06
  11 Someone To Talk To 2:54
  12 Explosions 3:27




Three Days Grace are:

Brad Walst Bass/ Backing Vocals

Neil Sanderson Drums/Keyboards/Backing Vocals

Barry Stock Lead Guitar

Matt Walst Vocals/ Rhythm guitar


Official Website:

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