Of Virtue // Sinner // EP Review


Friday, August 12th, sees Of Virtue release “Sinner”, a four-track ep that I have to say I love and hate in equal measures. Love it because musically it is seriously tight and quite frankly brilliant and hate it because it is only four tracks and that is not nearly enough to satisfy one’s appetite.

The ep opens with the barnstormer that is “Hypocrite”, a metalcore killer if ever there was one, heavy as fuck with a clear tech feel and a cool melodic chorus, a real kick-ass track. “Sinner” is a much more tech-based track and is more akin to an RnB track but for the fact that at the breakdown it kicks it up a notch with some really heavy drums and a buzzing bass line, this is a serious earworm that will be stuck in your head for days. “Cold Blooded” has an army-style marching beat to it that drives the song, a big sound that is backed up by some great soaring vocals, again the progressive tech side of the band shines through in spades and it adds an extra dimension to an already killer sound. “Echoes” closes out the ep with an absolute belter that starts out all atmospheric and only transforms into a stunning piece of work that combines all the best attributes of metalcore, crashing drums, savage guitars with thumping bass and amazing vocals.   

As I said at the start, the only bad thing about this offering is that there are only four songs, but these are four brilliant tracks in their own right.

“Sinners” is out on August 12th


Review: Conor


1. Hypocrite
2. Sinner
3. Cold Blooded
4. Echoes

Of Virtue are:

Tyler Ennis Vocals

Damon Tate Guitar/Vocals

Michael Vlaadez Guitar

Ryan Trinh Drums