Void Below // World Undone // EP Review


The Cumbrian H.P Lovecraft worshippers are back with another slab of dissonant death metal.

Releasing their self-titled EP in 2022 showcased the band’s dark English take on dark & brooding death metal. Merging the sounds of Morbid Angel, Blood Incantation & Funebrarum to create their own sound of diabolic death metal.

Their newest release “World Undone” is four tracks of the band’s most provoking material yet. The opening track “Eldritch Incarnate” is a seven-minute opus. They are starting a slow-building punishing track full of discordant guitar sections that soak up the band’s fantastic guitar tone. James Maxwell’s vocal & guitar duties are clear & precise. A very raw but clearer-cut vocal style allows him not to get lost within the band’s expansive sound. He uses his vocals as another instrument as it will, which allows him to create a rich texture over the band’s music.

“Pillars ov Pestilence” is a no holds barred assault on the listener. Opening in a flourish of fury & aggression before quickly switching to this bouncy style of riffing. A mix of death doom & technical death metal this track gives you it all. A great addition with Kyle Jenkins as his guitar solo soars above the track giving it a nice different sound, he keeps it tight & fast so as not to overstay his welcome. As the track starts to close out a repeating riff & motive drives the track to its end. A nice moment to leave the listener on before the back unleashes once more & gives you the last ounce of brutality they have.

The title track & close of the EP “World Undone” really builds its atmosphere right from its opening. A clean, reverb-soaked guitar ideally plucks before tribal pouncing drums help build the stakes. As the track truly opens it feels catastrophic. This ten-minute epic feels perfectly crafted to draw out as much anguish & fear as possible. Its brutality but melodic moments help Void Below be more than your average death metal band.

The production of the EP might be a little rough around the edges but the raw sound it gives the band helps the great song write the punch it deserves. Void Below feels like an exciting & new take on the dark & tense sound within the death metal genre. This EP is a sure-fire example of the band’s early material being solid & allows the band to shine bright for future releases with a great production in hand.

Joseph Mitchell

James Maxwell – Vocals/Guitar
Looke Norman – Bass
Kyle Jenkins – Guitar
Brad Messenger – Drums

Genre: Death Metal
For fans of: Morbid Angel | Incantation | Funebrarum | Vastum

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VOIDBELOWBAND
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/voidbelowband/
Bandcamp: https://voidbelow.bandcamp.com/music
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3aR5Le4c1qw0n0unPAERT5?si=31zdvyAhQ0upkxo6-zkknw&nd=1