Virgins // Transmit A Little Heaven // EP Review


Belfast-based Shoegaze band Virgins release a 5 track fuzz-driven EP as a follow-up to the 5 demo songs that were written toward the beginning of 2021. Not only are the band releasing the EP, there is an accompanying documentary being released that will show an insight into the making of this EP but titled Feeling Surreal For Days.


Having spent the majority of 2022 playing shows across Northern Ireland and Ireland and now the hope is that the EP and subsequent shows across the UK will round off the year in some style.

So, what exactly do Virgins bring to the table? The first thing that really struck me was the depth to the sound and the atmosphere that is transmitted to the listener. Vocally, the soft and almost distant lyrics are surrounded by guitars that are soaked in reverb. The result of this is almost a dreamy sound and even with the drums, they don’t disturb that cosy sound, they provide a little more structure to that feeling.

That distant sound is one that you soon get used to and it is rather refreshing to not feel like all aspects of a band are fighting for the main spot, but instead everything works together to create an overall sound and more than that, a feeling.

In the second track ‘Yearn’ the guitars do feel like that they are restless and a bit rowdier, but that doesn’t break the overall atmosphere or fuzzy rock feeling, it just pushes the sound into a different fuzzy arena but sounds very familiar in its individuality.

This slight change in temperature is something that Virgins do seem comfortable and very capable in doing, but fear not, that warm atmosphere remains, washing over you in some style. The way that the sound has been structured and then delivered is something that everyone involved in the process should be proud as the result is something I am sure will help the band be exposed to a wider audience.

Whilst this is not the kind of music I would generally listen to; I have become rather fond of this sound and will be keeping an ear on Virgins.

Transmit A Little Heaven will be released Friday 14th October 2022 via Blowtorch Records.

Ed Ford





  1. Signalling
  2. Yearn
  3. Vows
  4. Transmit
  5. Golden Tongues Silver Lips



Virgins shows:

Oct 29th HMV In Store, Belfast 

Nov 4th Sin E, Dublin

Nov 16th Jacaranda Club, Liverpool

Nov 17th Sidney and Matilda, Sheffield

Nov 18th Santiagos, Leeds

Nov 19th Spinning Top, Manchester

Nov 20th Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh

Nov 21st 13th Note Glasgow.