Struck/Down // To Witches // EP Review


Talk about a progression, from 2019s “Gone”, a nice dose of metal, to 2021s “From Demons”, sounding a lot heavier, to the latest offering “To Witches”; Struck/Down have seen a shift in sound and they are much better for it.

This ep allows new members, Will Mihr on bass and Pete McLarney on lead guitar, to settle in and adjust while allowing the band to add some serious heft to the music. “The Enforcer” gets things underway with a twangy intro before it drops to a crushing beat with heavy chugging riffs, Twyman’s vocals are gruff but with a nice melodic twist, the chorus is a real powerhouse that will get the heads banging and fists pumping, McLarney’s solo at the back end of the track is pretty slick.

The guitar play between McLarney and Spurret sets “Nephilim” up nicely, again the riffs are heavy as fuck while the pounding drum and bass beat add to the heaviness, Twyman shines once again as he seems to have perfected the melodic harshness of his vocals, this guy has some serious power. “No Value” is slowed down big time to give the full effect of the brutal power of these guys; between the soft guitars, gentle drum beat and Twyman’s crooning in the verses to the depths of doom at the chorus’ this just crushes, possibly the best track on the ep. The massive sound on “Tyranny Hellride” is down to the killer combo of the crashing drum, thumping bass and grinding riffs, Twyman’s amazing vocals fit like a glove putting an emphasis on the heaviness of the music, a brilliant track. The ep finishes with “Son Of The Unburnt Witch” a track that is packed full of groove with Mihr’s bass leading the way, Twyman holds back once again during the verses before going heavy at the chorus’, the teasing riffs behind the bass and the thumping drums add a great touch to the track, as does McLarney’s solo at the end.

This is a brilliant ep and a great way to introduce two new members, the switch in style to really heavy groove-laden tracks has done the band no harm


Review: Conor



To Witches’ EP track listing:

1) The Enforcer,

2) Nephilim,

3) No Value,

4) Tyranny Hellride,

5) Son Of The Unburnt Witch.



Struck/Down are:

Linden Twyman                  Vocals

Tommy Rogers                    Drums

Ian Spurrett                          Rhythm guitar

Will Mihr                              Bass

Pete McLarney                    Lead guitar