Puresonic Outcasts // Endless Contemplation // EP Review


For those who haven’t heard of Puresonic Outcasts the band hail from Seahill, Holywood and Belfast. Hot on the heels of taking part in this year’s Bloodstock Metal 2 the Masses at the Voodoo in Belfast the four-piece is pushing ahead with the latest EP.

Describing themselves as “fuzzed and distorted, slow and sometimes fast but always heavy and aggressive” I am intrigued to dive into what is on offer.

Kicking off with ‘Humanoid’ there is no doubt the fuzzy chugging riffs are present in abundance as the drums crash all around you. Initially, I wasn’t sure if the vocals were going to be present and after around the 2 minute a vocal that would fit into a Death/Black metal sound and helps this Sludgy sound carry a sinister edge. This is an impressive opening that suggests that big things are coming.

Continuing that impressive sound with ‘Mudlarker’ the stripped back beginning soon makes way for that sludgy riff that has carries a whole genre and Puresonic Outcasts produce it brilliantly.

Throughout the EP you will notice that the vocals are very impressive, yet the music takes the main acclaim. The slow pace that creeps up on you is filthy and just makes you get your trudge on.

The EP itself spans around 29 minutes and is shared over 6 tracks, that change tempo but what doesn’t changes is that distortion and fuzzy sludge sound that is as good as you are likely to hear. There are many bands who try to create this sound and don’t manage to get half as good as what is displayed on Endless Contemplation.

As you listen to the EP you will probably think the same as me, “why haven’t I heard of Puresonic Outcasts?!” and quite simply, just be pleased that you have now heard of and will no doubt be following them – the links are at the bottom of this page.

If you are a fan of sludge doom or anything slower and dingy, then give Endless Contemplation is something that you have to give a go. I am sure that even without winning the Metal 2 The Masses competition, the name Puresonic Outcasts is one that will become very familiar to a lot of people.

Ed Ford




  1. Humanoid
  2. Mudlarker
  3. Om
  4. Aural
  5. Desecration
  6. Politics of Fear