OUT TODAY – Huntings Release Brooding New Single ‘Doom’ – (Irish Post Punk/Grunge)

The dark, brooding sound of HUNTINGS is the product of James and Brian Edwards, brothers that eschewed the need for a bass player, stripping back their sound to the core elements of guitar, vocals and drums. In simplicity they found power. This isn’t a White Stripes or Royal Blood rip off either, owing more to the speaker shredding distortion of Nirvana and the intrinsic tension of Joy Division. The brothers weave melody amongst the crashing drums and swathes of distortion, this is none more apparent than on new single ‘Doom’.
Formed from the ashes of a previous project after the bass player left, James (guitar/vocals) and Brian (drums) began writing as a two piece. The songs being crafted were shorter, punchier and more immediate than previous efforts. Wrapping up rock influences along side more eclectic influences like Portishead and Massive Attack, the name HUNTINGS seemed to capture the explorative nature of the songs as well as the writing process. Tracks tend to be born of the intuitive understanding between the brothers. Working up ideas through studio jams that often find their way through an almost telepathic understanding of how the song should ebb and flow, how to build tension and release.
New single ‘Doom’ is an outlier in this regard. James had already worked up the riff for the song and in the same vein many bands do, entitled the recording on his phone as what he thought the track sounded like, ‘Doom’. Envisioning the song slower and sludgy it wasn’t until Brian played on it that the track took on a different feel. The track begins with a Cramps-esque surf/rockabilly guitar line that instantly creates a sense of disquiet. Brian wastes no time in joining as the drums propel the song forward adding purpose and drive. Despite not having a bass player the band employ different octave pedals that help fill out the bottom end this added with the layers of guitars mean the track always feels huge with plenty of ear candy for headphone listeners. Lyrically the tracks speaks of a breakdown in relationships and a loss of communication that can lead to a sense of isolation. As James intones ‘I split into three, to make the most of me’, this encapsulates the sense of drowning while trying to keep up and be all things to all people. When the chorus hits it feels expansive and cathartic, like opening up to vistas of infinite horizons allowing you to be lost and alone. As song builds to the crescendo ending its pedal to metal as the band fire on all cylinders, pushing their instruments to the limit. Cymbals on the verge of cracking, sticks splintering and speakers about to blow. It’s a release in the face of the ever-impending doom.
Recorded at Soundcaster Studios, Dublin the band turned to Terry Doyle to engineer and produce. Opting to take the approach for short recording sessions as opposed to long days in the studio. This helped keep ears fresh and allow for experimentation. Favouring the Albini way of recording, the band recorded live, keen to capture to energy and performance element of the song. When you hit play it should feel like the band are playing in front of you in the room. Similarly, this is reflected in the video. A performance video captured in Soundcaster Studios that showcases the energy and intent of the band.
The band play:
July 19th Toales, Dundalk