The Metalcore trio bring a brilliantly varied and satisfying exploration of techniques over five well-produced tracks.

‘We Are Extinction’ is a fifty-eight-second instrumental wake-up call to your senses, complete with warning-siren style bleeps signalling that the band have landed in your ears before quickly winding down again.  The second track ‘Miserable’ beats in with an aggressive attack of drums that makes the top of your spine shiver.  The vocals hint at desperation and being worn down, though the song spells out that it isn’t going down without a fight. There are shouts and snarls but also surges of melody that drifts you away, alongside vocals which change to a soothing balm and enough solid riffs to bring you back down to earth with a slap.  The whispered beginning of ‘Glitch Theory’ serves as a caution that all may not be what it appears.  The vocals in this track are a little more restrained and softer, to begin with, but there are also times when the song crashes into something altogether heavier with a Nu-Metal feel.  There really are layers and levels to this music, in fact, throughout the entire EP it is almost impossible to focus on one element without your brain being flooded with many others, be it bursts of Shoegaze or flashes of Post Metal, it is a very cleverly crafted EP.

‘Alpha Nine’ creeps in to charmingly disorientate you with a heady confusion of cymbals and echoed vocals. Then there’s a gut punch of growls, heavy guitars and percussion before it gets comparatively space-like and dreamy with angelic-sounding instruments as its foundation.  The song is 3:33 in length, which may or may not be deliberate, either way, it seems very fitting for a song that feels as though it is being ‘saved’ from something ominous.  There’s a chanted build-up and a tumble-down of instruments, the vocals, though satisfyingly gritty remain tuneful to add the perfect touch.  The soft muted fade-out at the end somewhat compliments that of the EP’s first track.  The final track ‘Hypocrite’ is an admonishing song with a great off-beat riff and vocals that range from rap-like to angry to supple and floaty, delivered as a sugar-coated sandwich of weighty verses and wavy choruses.


Advice: Listen on repeat!


Profiler – ‘Profiler
Released 24th June via Sharptone Records




Mike Evans – Vocals and Guitar

Joe Johnson – Bass

Oscar Hocking – Drums



  1. We Are Extinction 0:58
  2. Miserable 3:31
  3. Glitch Theory 3:09
  4. Alpha Nine 3:33
  5. Hypocrite 3:28