Drunk Motherfuckers // The Drunk Sessions // EP Review


Having formed in 2009, the man also known as Father W. of Dødsferd, Grab, Gin Lane and G.N.L.S. released an acoustic EP the same year titled Drunk & Wasted and then the full-length debut …and alcohol for all landed in 2013.

The band split in 2014 and in 2021 three of the band members got together again, to have one last record and called it Dead End. This was initially the end of the road for the Drunk Motherfuckers, however fortunately for us, The Drunk Sessions have arrived for our enjoyment.

The Drunk Sessions was initially released in 2009, under the heading of Drunk & Wasted and now features an additional, previously unheard track.

Acoustic sessions allow the intimacy of depressive music to be truly felt, and this stripped-bare approach allows all vulnerabilities to be exploited if someone wants to take advantage. So, after the stunning last release, to display this very true reflection is something bold but so very good.

Opening with Again the true sound of this great outfit is there to try and take it all in as the dull strings are met with a haunting vocal that just sounds immense.

This combination doesn’t stop there, as the 5 track EP continues, as the strings may occasionally liven up, that connection to what feels like the nerve centre of The Drunk Bastards is something very personal and to be cherished.

Whilst this may be titled The Drunk Sessions, you will drink this brilliance as you listen.

By including a cover of Would by Alice in Chains truly shows how great the Drunk Bastards are and by including some electric guitars to that dull acoustic string is a way to allow an additional dimension and as the tambourine shakes in the background you will be singing along with this moody cover version.

The Drunk Motherfuckers have managed to do it again. This band is one of those bands I get excited to hear their next offering; again, they have not disappointed, not in any way.

I still live in hope that Drunk Motherfuckers will release new music, however until this time arrives, I will happily raise a glass and join in The Drunk Sessions.


Ed Ford


The Drunk Sessions will be released on 28th February 2023 via Fucking Your Creation Records.





  1. Again (Music by Begrimer, Lyrics by Katia Spanaki)
    2. Heaven & Hell (Music by Begrimer, Lyrics by Father W.)
  2. Drunk & Wasted (Music & Lyrics by Father W.)
    4. Would (Alice in Chains Cover / Cantrell – Original Version appears on Alice in Chains – Dirt “Studio Album”, Columbia Records, 1992).

5.“So Fucking Drunk, -a jam song that was recorded, mixed and mastered at Manos G. Studio, a night of winter of 2010 under a lot of alcohol and not only! It was never released before!!!





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E-mail: wrath_dodsferd@yahoo.gr

Official Music Video for the Song “Again”
Created by Mick Alexandrakis (Black Screen Graphic Arts) and scheduled to be premiered in February 4th, of 2023.