Drunk Motherfuckers // Dead End // EP Review


Nikolaos Spanakis is back again, with a different sound and a different band. Having formed in 2009, the man also known as Father W. of Dødsferd, Grab, Gin Lane and G.N.L.S. released an acoustic EP the same year titled Drunk & Wasted and then the full-length debut …and alcohol for all landed in 2013.

The band split in 2014 before in 2021 three of the band members got together again, to have one last rodeo and call it Dead End. So What have Father W. Andrew and Wee created as their last release under the banner of the Drunk Motherfuckers?

The EP is made up of 4 tracks and spans approximately 21 minutes and as soon as you press play, you are swept by warm fuzziness as the combination of Rock, Groove and filthy riffs lash over you. Immediately this feels like something that would be huge if it was released under the name of Alice in Chains.

Father W. displays a stunning vocal, one that is so far removed from that under the guise of Dødsferd and the guitars are just a constant flow of silky Southern Rock heaviness. The drums power the pace and the bass provide that wonder lowdown link that holds everything together. The slight echo on the vocal joins the touch of distortion on the guitar and the result is something that I just can’t get enough of.

This EP has put a huge grin on my face from when I first heard it, in fact, the only kicker is that I hadn’t heard of the band before and wouldn’t have done if it wasn’t for Nikolaos sending me the link. So now I need to make sure that others are aware of this belter.

This EP is a must-hear for any fan of Rock, Southern Rock or just damn good music that makes your toes tap, your face grins and you get the air guitar air drum sticks or microphone out and join in with every note, beat or lyric.

Dead End is a blistering way to bow out and whilst it is sad that this is over, let’s get a few drinks, down a few pints and party with the Drunk Motherfuckers.

Ed Ford

Dead End will be released on 25th June 2022  via Fucking Your Creation Records.


  1. Black Out Drunk (Music by Andrew, Lyrics by Father W.)
  2. Hating Myself (Music & Lyrics by Father W.)
  3. Saint’s Wee(D)ay (Music by Wee, Lyrics by Father W.)
  4. Seven Livers’ Wish (Music by Pedro G.E., Lyrics by Father W.)


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Official Video of Drunk Motherfuckers, for the song “Black Out Drunk”, created by Nikos Stavridakis (VisionBlack) on behalf of FYC Records: