Blue Stragglers // Fool’s Errand // EP Review


The adventurous trio from the market town of Horsham are due to release their second EP this coming Friday 10th November on Hassle Records.  Just half a dozen tracks make up their EP ‘Fool’s Errand’, and the band are confident they’ll make a lasting impression on any of their listeners.

Consisting of members Lee Martin on vocals and guitar, Ali Waite on bass and Andy Head on drums, the Blue Stragglers take you on a little journey with their uplifting beats, thick fuzzy guitar riffs and catchy lyrics.

Each of the tracks on the EP are the perfect length to wet your appetite for the next, with their indie vibe, a ‘Noughties’ feel and a modern rock/grunge twist.

‘Running it Dry’ is undoubtedly the first earworm on the EP, with its bodacious guitar unified with Martin’s vocals.  A very strong contender which has a distinct sound akin to that of British rockers Supergrass.Fool’s Errand’  however, takes the band’s sound on a tangent with that dense and distinctive guitar creating a more melancholy feel to their music; even with the lucid vocals.

Midway through the EP, ‘Reactor’ changes the tone yet again with its pumped up tempo and rockier beat. The looped guitar riff at the start is followed by a short intro on the drums as your thrown straight into this meaty beast of a track.

Going back to that ‘Noughties’ groove, ‘Time Together’ is another monstrous track. It’s Bush meets Blur. With the added vocal harmonies, this perfect combination makes this tune an absolute belter and a definite hit.

This theme carries on to the EP’s last track, ‘Existential Crisis In A Nightclub’, the longest by a few mere seconds and a great tune to end the EP.

It’s easy to see how the Blue Stragglers have been fortunate enough to support the likes of bands such as Wolfmother and Black Label Society; not forgetting their appearance at the infamous Download Festival last year. They’ve also received high recognition from top rock radio stations Kerrang and Planet Rock. Now that’s something for their resume.

It would be a tough call to slot these guys into a particular genre, but if the mighty threesome continues with their action-packed, fuzzy fun-filled floor fillers (what a tongue twister!), then their future is very bright indeed.

Electrifying UK rock trio Blue Stragglers will release their second EP Fool’s Errand on 10th November via Hassle Records.

Review: Emma Painter


   1 Driverside 3:00
   2 Running it dry 3:05
   3 Fool’s Errand 2:58
   4 Reactor 3:23
   5 Time Together 3:32
   6 Existential Crisis In A Nightclub 3:36


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‘Running It Dry’:
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Blue Stragglers are:

Lee Martin – vocals/guitar
Ali Waite – bass
Andy Head – drums

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