A.N.J.A. // The Season Of Evil // EP Review


Northern Irish Punk-Rock songstress A.N.J.A. is back with her latest release, a blistering 5-track EP to well and truly blow the cobwebs off that post Halloween funk! German-born and Belfast based artist A.N.J.A has been making waves on the local scene for a while now, grafting and honing her craft as an in your face noise maker and it has garnered attention far and wide, from the local scene and well beyond.

Today she is back with a killer EP dripping in attitude, slamming guitars and dark, angsty style. The EP’s opener and title track blows the doors off as it hits you right between the eyes with its fast-paced slamming guitar riffs, reminiscent of the likes of QOTSA with a bitchin’ addictive quality from the off, you’ll be up shaking your ass to this one in no time.

‘Various Lipstick Blues’ ft Red Mountain a local Stoner-Desert Rock band is a hefty number with real cinematic quality, a track that pushes and pulls at your very soul as the filthy riffage pummels you right in the chest, no doubt this track will translate to the live setting really well where you can appreciate the weight of the backline against the dark, sultry and melancholic vocal display.

‘Stimulation’ picks up the pace once again with another banger, it’s clear that A.N.J.A. is taking no prisoners with this collection of songs, they are here to make an impact, turn heads and make sure you take notice. A real frustration burner if you go into this track carrying any baggage, 3 minutes 45 seconds later you’ll be cured as you shake it off “Ta Fuck’ Norn Iron style!

The theme continues with ‘Midnight Raid’ another slamming track with a gnarly pace and attitude that resonates right across the EP. There is no respite on this EP, it’s a back-against-the-wall, pray-you-survive kinda collection of songs that leaves you begging for more!

As the EP closes with ‘Attitude Adjustment Programme’ you’ll just have to get your ass through a few more minutes before you can finally catch your breath, before you hit repeat and put yourself through it all over again, you know you will. The EP is highly addictive, embedding itself deep in your brain and you’ll be digging it out, cranking it loud to shake off the daily grind, it’s an empowering collection of songs that makes you feel good, or even great about the state of the local music scene in Northern Ireland.

This one is well worth a listen so spread the word, A.N.J.A for President!

The Season Of Evil is out now via all major streaming platforms, be there or be square.



The Season Of Evil Tracklist:

  1. The Season Of Evil 
  2. Vacuous Lipstick Blues (feat. Red Mountain) 
  3. Stimulation 
  4. Midnight Raid 
  5. Attitude Adjustment Programme 

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