Short Stack // Maybe There’s No Heaven // Album Review


Short stack return with their latest offering Maybe There’s No Heaven this coming Friday, April 8th. 

The Aussie punk-rock trio are back with a  10 track banger that will make their dedicated fan base very happy indeed. The album’s opener ‘Burn You Down’ is a great taster for what is to come, a killer opener that will have you salivating at the prospect of nine more blistering tracks to come. The electro nuances throw you off a little wondering where the guys are heading but the angst and melodic goodness soon reminds you that this is Short Stack at their best. 

‘Armageddon’ and ‘Dancing With The Devil’ are just pure punk-rock classics, slamming riffs and highly addictive vocals will have you bopping away to your heart’s content. It must be all that bloody ’Sunshine’ that they get in Oz but the track of the same name just resonates from the opening line to its very last, Short Stack knows how to put a quality album together, there isn’t a weak track here. For any fan of the punk-rock, pop-punk genre if you haven’t taken the time to familiarise yourself with Short Stack, Maybe There’s No Heaven is your perfect opportunity.

“There was a tension between the band that we wanted to be and the band that other people around us wanted to be,” says Short Stack vocalist Shaun Diviney of the band’s storied past. Drummer Bradie Webb declares that this time around feels like the group “finally have our hands on the steering wheel.”

As much as we were writing the album that we 100% wanted to write, we were also writing for those fans that have been there for us… they’re the only reason that we get to do this,” says Shaun. “We didn’t think we’d have the opportunity to do this again and we are just super grateful that we can.”

Five studio albums in and dripping in quality, these guys have totally nailed a sound that just flows from them like the air they breathe, effortless sounding punk-rock that is so rich in the quality you will struggle to fault it. 

Possibly their finest work to date, Short Stack has pulled out all the stops on this one to make a truly memorable album and one that absolutely has to be on your radar. 


Maybe There’s No Heaven arrives this coming Friday, April 8th courtesy of UNFD

Intro: Maybe There’s No Heaven
1. Burn You Down
2. Armaggedon
3. Dancing With The Devil
4. Sunshine
5. Love You Like I Used To
6. Live4
7. Shinigami
8. Lights Out
9. Valkyrie
10. Cut Your Teeth



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