Ephemeral // Tower Of Silence // EP Review


South Florida natives Ephemeral are here with a huge slab of metallic hardcore meets death metal.

Formed in 2018 Ephemeral is a great blend of everything heavy. Mixing the death metal influence of the late 90’s with the metallic sound that impacted the hardcore scene in the early 00s.

The band’s self-titled demo release in 2022 shows the band had something great to offer the world. A very raw & primal release that DAZE Records took a liking to. Now the band’s next effort “Tower Of Silence” is a five-track EP of some of the heaviest music within the hardcore realm in 2023.

The opener “End Of God” lives up to its title. Opening with a large Bolthrower style lick that quickly changes into pummeling chugging. A fast grinding section breaks up the track nicely & it builds the intensity nicely. The track showcases the band’s two biggest strengths. Being able to write catchy riffs & also heavy parts that sound different but both equally hit as hard.

The second track “Silenced” keeps that circle pit going. Drummer & vocalist Matt Cody has that low vocal timber that suits the band well. Part Morbid Angel & Merauder this track is a stomping affair, really bringing great mosh riffs.

Guitarists Nick Cody & Tobby Davilmar are a great double team. Creating inventive riffs that don’t repeat too much, making each track feel very individual but also using melody-soaked lead sections to raise the bar to help the track breathe, giving it the life & power it deserves.

“Eoness’ Call” might be a two-minute rager but it feels like the most 00’s hardcore track. A beautiful blend of Integrity & In Cold Blood with the backbone of Obituary. Using an eerie sample to drive this nice little instrumental track to divide the EP ready for might closer “Mortal Eye”.

Using the more hardcore swagger & groove this track feels like it will go over really well live. A pit demon’s dream if you will. It keeps the pace & energy high. Another great solo section really elevates this closer, making a big impact on the listener. As the track fades out the band leave’s you with a solid EP full of the heaviest of tracks & the most diverse sounds in hardcore right now.

This EP is a huge step up from the band’s self-titled release. With the aid of Anthony Burke (Magnitude, Envision) the band have been able to take the leap needed to help bring their sound to a larger sonic assault. The next few releases from these guys will hopefully see them hone their craft even more & write an album full of great tracks like “Tower Of Silence” has showcased.

Review: Joseph Mitchell

Tower Of Silence EP is via DAZE on May 19th, 2023

  • Tracklist:
    1. End Of God
  • 2
    2. Silenced
  • 3
    3. Tower Has Fallen
  • 4
    4. Eoness’ Call
  • 5
    5. Mortal Eye