Atreyu // The Hope of a Spark // EP Review


Atryeu are back with a small but mighty package in their latest EP release ‘The Hope of a Spark’. Produced by John Feldman, the EP brings together everything that has made the band who they are today since they first released their independent EP ‘Visions’ back in 1998. While many people may only be aware of their existence since signing yp with Victory Records in 2004, the band have a much longer history, and this is part of what makes them who they are today. This EP is the culmination of all that hard work and hits just as hard too.

The first track and released single “Drowning” was written by each band member putting their darkest moments into one song. The lyrics cover subjects from anxiety and depression and today’s world of being more open about mental health is incredibly relatable. This anthem is backed up with a beat that draws you in and grabs your attention. Moving to the next track “God Devil”, the band approach the struggles many may face regarding loss of identity and faith. The band once again hit deep with the lyrics while driving the riffs, but the expressiveness of faith really stands out and holds on. However, the band don’t stop here with these honest subjects as “Capital F” homes in on the government and these influences on our daily lives. This is the hardest-hitting of the tracks on the EP with its heavy sound and screaming vocals showcasing just another side of this band and how far they’ve come. As you reach the last track “Watch Me Burn”, this was the track that really made me excited about this EP when hearing the single for the first time. The heavy riffs and beat drag you in, but the melodic chorus holds on to you with its fighting lyrics. With all the honesty and expression of difficult subjects, this track brings everything together as an anthem to keep on going no matter what. Musically, the track is everything great about the band pulling everything they have learnt and explored together over the years into one track.

The EP is only 4 tracks long however it’s the journey and expression that it provides which is more powerful that any full-length album. Laced against a heavy soundtrack, Atreyu has bared all with these tracks by reaching out and sharing that we all experience difficulties and loss of confidence in ourselves but we need to keep fighting and moving forward. There are no signs of these guys stopping any time soon and after hearing this EP, I’ve no doubt that they still have a fire beneath them to keep bringing us more.


Review: Emmie Ellis


Atreyu, The Hope of a Spark is out April 14th courtesy of Spinefarm Records.




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