Larry Fleet // Stack of Records // Album Review


For anyone that’s not aware of Larry Fleet, the Tennessee native grew up with a wide range of musical influences, including Merle Haggard and Marvin Gaye. Combine that with an impressive work ethic that included working construction to allow for an income whilst chasing the musical dream and you find an open minded yet determined musician.

Following meeting and forming a friendship with Jake Owen in 2017, it didn’t take long until Fleet was sharing the stage with the great Willie Nelson before releasing debut album Workin’ Hard and single ‘Where I Find God’ which has now amassed over 19 million YouTube views and now we have the follow up album to continue this journey with the focussed and highly talented Country star.

The 14 track album begins with the title track and the glorious sound of the South begins to lap at your ears with a stunning guitar and enchanting vocal. The steady pace of the opening track is not the one that Fleet is comfortable with as things speed up to toe tapping speeds at times as the feel good tracks lift your spirits along with the pace.

As with any Country music, the more emotive tracks slow things down and really grab at your experience and heart strings and this is something that Fleet does with apparent ease. The relatability of the tracks is like someone has written some lyrics about your life challenges and can be very haunting.

The tracks flow in away that the best albums do and before you know it you will be reaching for the play button again. Fleet has taken advantage of collaboration opportunities by teaming up with Jon Pardi, Jamey Johnson and Bryan Sutton to bring his own special blend of Country to the masses and does so in amazing fashion.

Stack of Records will appeal to and excite both the County purists as well as those who dabble in the genre and will draw those that flirt into things Southern to get fully absorbed knot this engrossing genre. The sound is one of maturity and will resonate with everyone who listens to it and I really hope that this is heard far and wide.

Fleet has shown with this album that he is certainly a name for the ages and one to watch with great excitement.

Ed Ford

Stack of Records will be released Friday 24th September 2021 via Big Loud Records

Track list

  1. Stack of Records – (Larry Fleet, Ben Hayslip, Eric Paslay)
  2. Lifetime Guarantee – (Larry Fleet, Chris Gelbuda, Brett James)
  3. Where I Find God –  (Larry Fleet, Connie Rae Harrington)
  4. Quittin’ Ain’t Workin’ – (Larry Fleet, Rhett Akins, Will Bundy)
  5. Different Shade of Red – (Larry Fleet, Lindsay Rimes, Michael Whitworth)
  6. A Life Worth Living – (Larry Fleet, Will Bundy, Brett James)
  7. Hurt Feelings – (Larry Fleet, Will Bundy, Brad Warren, Brett Warren)
  8. Church Parking Lot – (Larry Fleet, Lindsay Rimes, Michael Whitworth)
  9. In Love With My Problems – (feat. Jon Pardi) – (Larry Fleet, Jake Mitchell, Josh Thompson)
  10. Three Chords and a Lie – (Larry Fleet, Will Bundy, Brett James)
  11. Never Wanna Meet Another Woman – (Larry Fleet, Will Bundy, Lydia Vaughan)
  12. Heart On My Sleeve – (Larry Fleet, Will Bundy, Jeff Hyde)
  13. One For The Road  –  (Larry Fleet, Emily Fox Landis, Logan Wall)
  14. Highway Feet (feat. Jamey Johnson & Bryan Sutton) [Bonus] – (Larry Fleet, Jamey Johnson)**

 **Bonus track available on physical album and album download


Larry Fleet // Stack of Records // Album Review