Logan Mize – ‘Welcome To Prairieville’ (Out Oct 1st)

Heartland troubadour Logan Mize is releasing his upcoming album, Welcome to Prairieville on October 1st and is available to pre-order/pre-save now.

Featuring 11 masterfully written tracks, Welcome to Prairieville not only celebrates Mize’s rural upbringing in Kansas, but also showcases his unique storytelling abilities that have helped shape his career since the beginning. A true passion project, Mize spent nearly a decade developing the concept behind the album and co-wrote all but one song on the track listing, making this one of his most personal releases to date.

(Download hi-res here)

“My buddy Blake Chaffin and I have been writing together for several years. Early on in our careers, we came up with this concept where we’d basically write songs about an imaginary place that we came to know as ‘Prairieville’,” Mize explains. “Growing up in middle-of-nowhere towns, we took all the characters we’ve encountered over the years, stories that stood out to us and just our life experiences overall, and from there, we painted our own versions into this tiny town. When it’s all said and done, it isn’t exactly a place you can pinpoint on a map, but I like to think it’s a representation of all the one-stoplight towns across the nation. At the very least, we’ve all driven through a Prairieville.”

The album’s first single ‘George Strait Songs‘ is out now. Written by Mize and Blake Chaffin, the heartfelt tune pays homage to the artist’s roots, highlighting all the best aspects of Middle America that made him who he is today. Watch the video here.

Welcome to Prairieville Album Track Listing:

1. George Strait Songs (writers: Blake Chaffin, Logan Mize)
2. Welcome To Prairieville (writers: Blake Chaffin, Logan Mize)
3. River Road (writers: Blake Chaffin, Logan Mize, Tyler Johnson)
4. Wine at the Church, Beer at the Bar (writers: Blake Chaffin, Logan Mize, Jason Blaine)
5. Follow Your Heart (writers: Lynn Hutton, Logan Mize)
6. I Need Mike (writer: Blake Chaffin)
7. If You Get Lucky (writers: Blake Chaffin, Logan Mize, Daniel Agee)
8. Tell the Truth (writers: Blake Chaffin, Logan Mize)
9. We Ain’t Broke (writers: Blake Chaffin, Logan Mize)
10. I Still Miss You (writers: Blake Chaffin, Logan Mize, Jill Martin)
11. It’s About Time (writer: Logan Mize)

(Produced & mixed by Daniel Agee)

For more information, visit: loganmize.com / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter