Logan Mize Releases ‘Welcome To Prairieville’ Album & Debuts Poignant Video for ‘I Need Mike’

Over the past few weeks, Logan Mize has been dropping breadcrumbs on the path into his fictional town of Prairieville, and today, he’s finally opening the gates to reveal every intricate detail behind this imaginative place with the release of his brand-new album, ‘Welcome to Prairieville’ (via Big Yellow Dog Music).

In honour of the album’s release, Mize has also debuted the poignant and heartbreaking video for ‘I Need Mike’ – a powerful “reminder that, even when life feels heavy and our troubles feel insurmountable, we’ve got someone there to help” (The Boot). Written solely by Chaffin, the tune tells the story of a young man who can’t seem to bounce back from the hardships in life – a tale that many know all-too-well. The clip ends with information for the Suicide Prevention Hotline, in the hopes that anyone who is struggling may see it and have a change of heart.

Featuring 11 tracks, all but one co-written by Mize, every tune on the project is set in this middle-of-nowhere spot, a place that Mize and his longtime co-writer, Blake Chaffin, dreamt up as Nashville newcomers and have continued writing about for more than a decade. Inspired by his own small-town upbringing, different aspects of Prairieville are revealed through each track on the album, and by the end of the record, you truly know your way around the backroads of this imaginary place – from the best dive bar spots in town to the hot gossip about Prairieville locals and everything in between.


“My buddy Blake Chaffin and I have been writing together for several years. Early on in our careers, we came up with this concept where we’d basically write songs about an imaginary place that we came to know as ‘Prairieville’,” Mize explains. “Growing up in middle-of-nowhere towns, we took all the characters we’ve encountered over the years, stories that stood out to us and just our life experiences overall, and from there, we painted our own versions into this tiny town. When it’s all said and done, it isn’t exactly a place you can pinpoint on a map, but I like to think it’s a representation of all the one-stoplight towns across the nation. At the very least, we’ve all driven through a Prairieville.”

About Logan Mize:

Logan Mize is an accomplished country singer/songwriter from Clearwater, Kansas,  who has deep musical roots to his family tree. His great uncle was Billy Mize, largely  known for crafting and evolving the legendary Bakersfield sound, which included  musical pioneers Merle Haggard and Buck Owens. In 2010, several years after moving  to Nashville, Logan signed a publishing/record deal with Big Yellow Dog Music and a  booking deal with a major agency. He spent the next seven years playing seemingly  every venue in every town across the U.S. and winning over fans every stop along the  way.

In 2017, Mize released his Come Back Road album which debuted in the Top 20 on  Billboard and iTunes All-Genre charts and features the hit singles “Ain’t Always Pretty” and “Better Off Gone”. His second full length album Still That Kid was released in early  2021 and debuted in Spotify’s Top 10 US Albums chart and in the Top 10 on the iTunes  Country Albums chart. Amassing over 80 million streams across platforms, this album  features the heartbreak ballad “Grew Apart” featuring Donovan Woods and nostalgic  tunes such as “Hometown” and “Who Didn’t”.

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