Septicflesh // Modern Primitive // Album Review


Incredibly it has been 31 years since the debut EP Temple Of The Lost Race was released and now the Greek legend is back, to release their 11th full-length album. Yet again they draw on the brilliance of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Prague, as they have since the reformation of the band in 2007 but this time they also welcome the entire adult and children’s choir.

Those unfamiliar with Septicflesh may be wondering what kind of music this is, combining the band’s name with an orchestra and a choir, well let me tell you now if you don’t know anything about this band, your mind is about to be blown.

Combining the brilliance of Death Metal with souring symphonic, this band get me every time so I have huge hopes for Modern Primitive.

As soon as the nine-track offering kicks off, the enormity of this album is there to be felt. From it modest stringed opening, this opening may be stripped back in places, but also slaps you around the balls when all aspects join the party. The intricacy and brilliance of the composition is like so little that try. By the end of the opener, you know that this is special.

This feeling is not premature either, in many ways the album grows bigger with blistering Death Metal being harmonised by beautiful orchestral notes, there really is nothing you can’t love about what Secpticflesh are doing here.

The detail that has been paid whilst creating Modern Primitive is simply breathtaking and as the lines get blurred between brutal and beautiful, you should just take a moment to appreciate the work by everyone that has been involved in this album. The orchestra and choir as important as the band and the production and mixing allows the full impact of every aspect to be felt.

If this is your introduction to Symphonic Death Metal, then what a way to have your eyes opened, if you are a fan of the genre and this band in particular, then fuck me this is still going to blow your mind.

There are a few albums that I review that I consider continuing to listen to after the review has been written, with Modern Primitive being one of the few that I look to pre-order even though iv listened to not much else for the last few weeks.

Modern Primitive is a genuine contender for album of the year.

Ed Ford

Modern Primitive will be released Friday 20th May 2022 via Nuclear Blast Records


  1. The Collector 4:03
  2. Hierophant 4:05
  3. Self Eater 4:27
  4. Neuromancer 5:01
  5. Coming Storm 4:50
  6. A Desert Throne 4:18
  7. Modern Primitives 4:11
  8. Psychohistory 3:34
  9. A Dreadful Muse 4:09


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