Hillbilly Vegas // The Great Southern Hustle // Album Review


The time has arrived for Hillbilly Vegas to cross the pond and bring their combination of Southern Rock and Outlaw Country to a wider audience. To ensure that the timing of the album release is perfect, the band is also playing their debut UK live show at the Troubadour in London.

Building on the 2022 EP release of Greeting From Hillbilly Vegas, the six-piece band is looking for this album to put them on stages in the UK and Europe. So, how’s it sound?

The 12-track album spans approximately 45 minutes and opens with ‘High Time For A Good Time’ which sets the tone for the album. You will swiftly find your toes taping along with the Southern sounds before singing along with the chorus. The blend of Rock N Roll and Country gets the party moving before hitting into ‘Shake It Like A Hillbilly’ which gets things a little dirty as we head further down South.

As the album progresses, the grit of the sound matches perfectly with pouring a whisky or two and getting the crew together for a good sing-along whilst raising glasses with friends – exactly what this music is all about.

Filled with silky yet filthy guitars and vocals that you just wish you had, Hillbilly Vegas are brim with a style that sets them apart in an ever-crowded genre, allowing them to be noticed and get those festival slots that they are hoping for.

 From start to finish The Great Southern Hustle is a solid introduction to the band from Oklahoma. I have no doubts that there will be a number of tracks that will be played on radio stations and the momentum will begin to build.

The album is one that you can happily listen to back to front on repeat and you are excited to share with friends. It is one of the few albums that you can switch off and just enjoy, which we all need to do sometimes. With more albums like this the world would be a less anxious and stressed place to be. So my advice is to get the album, invite friends around, pour a glass of whatever your drink is, and have a good time with good music, which this definitely is.

The Great Southern Hustle is out on Friday, November 25th via Conquest Music.

Ed Ford





  1. High Time For A Good Time
  2. Shake It Like A Hillbilly
  3. Little Miss Rough & Tumble
  4. Just Say You Love Me
  5. Living Loud
  6. Losing To Win
  7. I-Tsu-La / Let’s Get Together
  8. Can’t Go Home
  9. Hell To Pay
  10. Long Way Back
  11. 2 Gun Town
  12. Ring of Fire




Websites:    https://conquestmusic.co.uk/

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/hillbillyvegasmusic