Chelsea Wolfe // ‘She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She’ // Album Review


‘She reaches out to she reaches out to she’ is my first venture into the world of Chelsea Wolfe, I knew of the name but never took the chance to listen to her music until now, clearly a truly unique talent with a sonic journey all her own.

The album’s opening track ‘Whispers In The Echo Chamber’ is a rollercoaster from start to finish, a sonic barrage that overwhelms the senses, creating this vast dystopian landscape that makes you wonder, how the hell do you create something like this? I didn’t know what I was in for taking this one on, but this wasn’t it!

‘House Of The Self Undoing’ is up next, with a blistering opening and frenetic feel, it once again is an unforgiving number that demands your attention, punishing from start to finish with its haunting underlying melody, you just can’t remove yourself from this recording, it’s like that yearning to rubberneck a car crash hoping to see the worst, but knowing you don’t want to.

‘Everything Turns Blue’ is a more sedate track that has wall-to-wall atmosphere, ambient reverb bouncing amidst Chelsea’s stellar vocals, ‘Tunnel Lights’ in a similar vein drawing you into Chelsea’s cark seductive side, once again overflowing with ambient, atmospheric qualities dappled across the recording, you can only admire the vision applied to create such large sonic landscapes and the creative mind that fuelled such an idea.

‘Eyes Like Nightshade’ has this contrasting pulsating rhythm fighting against Chelsea’s carefully interwoven lyrics and it messes with your melon, I guess that’s all part of the journey here, that uncomfortable challenging balance between the melodic and the harsh stories being told via her carefully chosen lyrics. ‘Salt’ once again carries a haunting melodic tone and feel, the punishing dark electronica that comes in and out against Chelsea’s softer vocal delivery creates a beautifully crafted world that you could easily lose yourself in, ‘Unseen World’ and ‘Place In The Sun’ carry us towards the end of a glorious recording, the latter as before a mesmerising track that allows Chelsea’s vocals to hit you right between the chest, her soft breathy vocal quality resonating throughout leaving you gasping for more, but alas all good thing must come to an end, and here we do so with ‘Dusk’.

As I mentioned before, Chelsea Wolfe was an unknown quantity to me before delving into her world, head first, unprepared. I can honestly say that whilst this genre and style of music is far removed from daily repertoire you cant help but admire the quality within, you can hear that Chelsea has poured her heart and soul into this recording, every part of her being is engrained within it’s DNA and that has to be admired, an uncompromising musician that bleeds her craft.

Not for the faint of heart, ‘She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She’ is out Friday, Feb 9th courtesy of Loma Vista Recordings.

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Review: Mark 



01. Whispers in the Echo Chamber

02. House of Self-Undoing

03. Everything Turns Blue

04. Tunnel Lights

05. The Liminal

06. Eyes Like Nightshade

07. Salt

08. Unseen World

09. Place in the Sun

10. Dusk