We’re Here Folks!! Bloodstock 2022 Has Arrived!! Basement Torture Killing Kicks It All Off!!

On an absolutely chaotic day of cancelled flights, re-organised flights, bus transfers and 37-degree heat, Bloodstock 2022 and Rock ‘N’ Load are bonding like a melted chocolate bar in a very hot car! Don’t get me wrong, the weather is beautiful outside, but unbearably warm!  The media tent offers an element of false security from the heat with a gentle breeze flowing through it, but baby Jesus it is hot!

Nevermind that, kicking off the festival itself and opening this evening on The Sophie Lancaster Stage are Basement Torture Killing

Some music was meant to stay underground, or so the saying goes – and some music was meant to stay in a filthy basement, knee-deep in gore, knitting a new pair of socks with someone’s entrails. Welcome to the deranged world of Basement Torture Killing…
Formed in 2007 the depraved psychos have been plying their murderous trade across the UK and European underground ever since, including a slot at the legendary Obscene Extreme Festival as well as tours and appearances with bands such as Deicide, General Surgery, Malevolent Creation, Kraanium and many more.
Lead by the enigmatic but ultimately terrifying Beryl the band’s furious death grind is not for the faint of heart having once being described by Metal Hammer as a “Death Metal perversity in tweed and knitted cardigans”.
2020 saw the band partner with Bizarre Leprous Productions to release their most accomplished release“Lessons In Murder” which serves as an audio guide to wannabe maniacs every where. Zero Tolerance magazine stated about the release “Homicidal hounds Basement Torture Killings sound more bestial than ever. These psychotic noise monsters make Jack the Ripper seem like your ideal sleepover companion”  Invicta Magazine simply stated “With Lessons in Murder Basement Torture Killings have proved that they are one of the best bands doing this within the country”.
2021 saw the sickos again hitting the road alongside UK Death Metal stalwarts Foetal Juice hitting 10 cites in 10 days. 2022 sees dates with Gutalax and multiple festival slots across Europe including Death Feast in Germany and the biggest show of their career at Bloodstock Open Air.
Rock ‘N’ Load’s thoughts “Theatrics and brutal death metal, what’s not to love about BTK and their savage style of horror metal, the Sophie crowd was gobbling it up from start to finish as they packed out the tent enjoying a brief 30 minutes in the shade in the company of the worst of friends, highly recommended if you love a bit of drama alongside your music”