Noctem // The Sophie Lancaster Stage // BOA22 // Sunday August 14th

Noctem is a Black Metal band with a wide career of more than 18 years with 2 demos, 1 live LP and 5 albums released through labels such as Prosthetic Records, Art Gates Records, NHR and Metal Blade Records.
After all these years Noctem is one of the most active acts from Spain. The band has played at numerous festivals and more than 25 tours throughout Europe, Asia, Russia, and North America, sharing the road with well-known acts such as Marduk, Batushka, Enthroned, Impiety, Napalm Death, Samael, Gorgoroth, Nargaroth, Keep of Kalessin, Taake, Immolation, Vomitory, Malevolent Creation, Incantation, Hate, Ragnarok, Melechesh and many more…
Noctem counted with the collaboration of Christos Antoniou and Seth Siro Anton from Septicflesh in previous releases. The artwork of “Haeresis” was designed by Seth and the orchestral version of the track “Divinity” was arranged by Christos Antoniou.
The band just released it’s 5ª studio album “The Black Consecration” in Samhain 2019. (November 1st) This Trve Black Metal album found the whole support of the Media and the Kult underground fans.
Beleth: “What can I say?…Bloodstock is, without doubt, one of the greatest metal festivals of the United Kingdom. It’s a kick in the face, it’s an event keeping with the spirit of the true Metalheads and definitely, this is a festival that shows how a festival must be.
This year NOCTEM will be there! It will be a great experience full of blood, fire and Trve Black Metal. See you there maniacs!”
Rock ‘N’ Load’s Thoughts “Dark gnarly Black Metal at it’s finest, a pummelling opener announces their arrival on stage and that they mean business, and if the business is Black Metal, Business is good!”
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