FYRESKY // BLOODSTOCK 2022 // UK Gothic twist on Rock and Metal.

FyreSky bring a breath of fresh to the stage with their Gothic twist on Rock and Metal.

Their live shows are a fully immersive experience and deliver an energetic and captivating performance that plays with all your senses to bring you in to their dark and beautiful world. With unparalleled onstage presence, catchy yet mournful melodies, vocal acrobatics and crushing rhythms; they are a sight to behold. Bursting on to the scene in 2016 with EP “The Circle” they rapidly followed up with their Debut album “The Grand Illusion” which landed to high acclaim. Now, with a new album on the way, the sky really is the limit for the foursome from darkest Kent… FyreSky are Gabriel Valentine: Lead Vocals and Guitar Kris White: Backing Vocals and Bass Nicole Lastauskas: Backing Vocals and Guitar Ben “Bruce” Green: Backing Vocals and Drums Weirdo, Mosher, Freak.

That’s us, we’ve always been the “weird goth band”. Now, this weird goth band gets to play the New Blood stage at Bloodstock Festival and let us tell you, we could not be prouder of who we are. It still hasn’t sunk in, to be able to represent the amazing Kent unsigned scene is unbelievable and we are so proud to come from a county so rich in the best of Rock and Metal. We would like to thank everyone that helped us get this far, Stuart and Pete for organising and judging the Kent competition, the other competing bands (you were all incredible) and Simon, for seeing something in us. Bloodstock, we can’t wait to see you!