Pelugion // The Sophie Lancaster Stage // BOA22 // Sunday August 14th

Born and raised in Coventry, Pelugion are a trio that brings the perfect blend of chunky sludgy riffs and melodic soaring choruses that are guaranteed to get you headbanging!
Pelugion pulls inspiration from bands such as Soundgarden, Metallica and Black Sabbath to name a few, which all blend together to form a mix of high-energy hard rock with down-tempo sabbath-Esque grooves drizzled over the top!
The group has gigged heavily with appearances at Godiva Festival, HRH Birmingham, Wildfire Festival and even Bloodstock’s own New Blood Stage back in 2018!
With an EP released at the height of the pandemic, Pelugion didn’t have the chance to tour but is itching to make up for it. Now they are more than ready to tackle the Sophie Lancaster Stage in August!
Rock ‘N’ Load’s Thoughts ” Sludge-tastic start to the final day of BOA22, it is hard to believe but we are almost there and no better way to kick in the day than the stanky sludge of Pelugion” Slamming riffs and gnarly vocals get the early risers at the Sophie tent rocking into their Sunday!”