Webb // Deadly Sins and Virtues // Album Review


Straight from the heart of the South-West of the U.K., Webb has been dormant for some time, putting together yet another masterpiece of blood-curdling prog-metal for our ears to enjoy.

The trio, led by Founder Ryan Webb, have been working hard to compile this belter of an album, which features nine jam-packed tracks which will have you banging your noggin from the onset.

‘You’re Going Down’ is the first track on the album, instantaneously drawing you in with its heavily loaded threats, sinister riff and unusual structure, throwing you straight into the chorus head first. It’s a contrast that is welcomed as the track continues into the first verse and an incredibly strong start to the album that will undoubtedly take some beating.

With a dark theme already emerging, ‘Hate’; or in the case of the Seven Deadly Sins, ‘Wrath’; is the third track on the album and defines the uncontrollable feelings of anger that we can sometimes face in life, for whatever reason.  A dastardly guitar riff opens the track that pierces right through you, as you’re led into a deeper riff coupled with bass and drums, creating some serious tension.

And just when you thought the album couldn’t get any darker, ‘Can’t Break Me’ is savagely forced upon you, with the word thunderous springing to mind.

The drums in this gargantuan track, omit what sounds like the fastest BPM known to man; whilst Ryan’s vocals reach a level that could seriously split hairs. The pace does settle for a few moments, but don’t be fooled. If the lyrics aren’t enough of a warning for you, the sound will blast the flesh from your bones. This phenomenal track is so in your face, you’ve just got to take his word for it. Period.

Webb also gets a little more creative with their own rendition of The Moody Blues’ ‘Nights in White Satin’; a song all about yearning love from afar.  But it wouldn’t be right without a touch of double bass-drum kicks and Ryan’s haunting vocals to make it their own. The bridge also introduces a great contrast to the track, giving your brain a chance to recharge.

Yet the power of Webb is put into overdrive again in ‘Hope’; another track driven by the deadly sound of Nigel Powell on drums and Ryan’s down-tuned guitar, creating a mix of melodies and tempos.  Not only is Ryan’s guitar playing on top form throughout the album, the track also shows just how versatile his vocal range is, as they soar through the chorus.

‘Don’t Ask Why’ is the penultimate track on the album, taking the tempo down a notch.  But that doesn’t mean it isn’t as action-packed as the others. With a solid drum beat that sees Powell making full use of his kit by beating it within an inch of its life, Ryan’s vocals take a sinister twist as he unleashes more of those notoriously monstrous riffs on his guitar.

To finish the album on a more positive note, ‘Stay Alive’ is the ultimate contender (and it’s not to be confused with the Bee Gee’s version ‘Staying Alive!). With a bass drum that is as consistent as a heartbeat, the track portrays a message that many of us want people around us to hear in times of trouble; and a powerful one too. And if you’re wise enough, you’ll listen to what he’s saying.

To conclude, Webb is one of the many bands out there that are having to self-fund and release their own music.  And it’s a tough world out there in the music business.

Not only has Ryan and the band written each of their own tracks on the album (not forgetting his wife Sonya who strongly supports and promotes Webb during all of her spare time), but the album itself was recorded, engineered, produced and mixed by Ryan in his home studio with the exception of the drums which were recorded and engineered by Nigel Powell.

The sound that they have created between them is so professionally presented it’s unreal.  It’s been mastered to perfection and quite frankly puts some people in the music business to shame. A masterpiece in its own right that Webb should be very proud of indeed.


‘Deadly Sins and Virtues’ is released 30th June 2023. The CD is available for pre-order now, with digital platforms to follow soon.



1. You’re Going Down 
2. Spread Your Wings
3. Hate
4. Keep Fighting
5. Can’t Break Me
6. Nights in White Satin
7. Hope
8. Don’t Ask Why
9. Stay Alive


. WEBB are:

Vocals/guitars – Ryan Webb
Bass – Luca Massidda
Drums/BVs (Hate) – Nigel Powell
Strings (Nights In White Satin) – Nigel Powell


Album produced & mixed: Ryan Webb (in his studio)

Drums recorded & engineered: Nigel Powell (various studios in Oxfordshire)

All guitars, vocals and bass were tracked & engineered by Ryan Webb in his studio.

Mastering: Dave Collins

Main artwork design: Cutting Edge Metal.

Photos: Marianne Harris Photography

CD production: Marcus Batley, dBMasters

Lyrics: Sonya Webb (except for Nights in White Satin)
Nights in White Satin lyrics: Justin Hayward (TroEssex Media Group)



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Instagram: www.instagram.com/webbofficialuk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/WebbOfficialUK
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/WebbOfficial
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