Now the term supergroup gets thrown around a lot, and most of the time they end up being pretty disappointing. Not the case when it comes to the mighty VLTIMAS.

Featuring the cream of the crop in the extreme metal underground, legends if you will. Featuring Norwegian guitarist Rune “Blasphemer” Eriksen (ex-Mayhem, Aura Noir), American bassist/vocalist David Vincent (ex-Morbid Angel), and Canadian drummer Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy) VLTIMAS is a truly epic project.

Forming in 2015 & releasing their first album in 2019 with the stellar “Something Wicked Marches In” which was a fantastic slab of dark death metal with a bite the band have returned with their newest offering “Epic”.

Nine tracks at just over thirty-seven minutes in length this album truly sees the band push forward finding their sound & carving it into stone.

Kicking off the album with the title track “Epic” already shows the progress of the band’s sound. Still keeps that solid death metal foundation but pushes new elements. What can’t be understated is David Vincet’s amazing vocal performance. Now I’ve been a long-time Morbid Angel fan & knew he had some pipes on him but on this album, this is a sound I have never heard from him before.

A powerful, heavy metal voice that is up there with say a Dio or Halford. Vincent has helped elevate the band’s sound. Also with the new vocal sound guitarist Rune’s more classic metal & early black metal playing has created a new & interesting sound. Playing with different dynamics & song structures has created a great 2.0 version of the group.

The next track “Miserere” opens with dissonant guitar tones & sets the mood before the band lets go & picks things up. A great-paced early thrashy death metal track with some stellar vocal & guitar harmonies on this track. Flo’s drumming can’t be missed out. His iconic double-kick pedal work is all over this track. The constant barrage of blasts & great cymbal work always gives his recordings a flourish some drummers would dream of.

“Mephisto Manifesto” at the album’s midpoint is a HUGE track & one I love to revisit. Featuring one of the biggest choruses I’ve heard in years, this one has the biggest set of balls you’ve ever seen. A certain swagger you rarely get in this genre. A beautiful blend of musical theatre choruses & eerie guitar chords make this track a real special treat & one that you will be singing to yourself after hearing it only once! That’s for sure.

Bring the real death metal stomp on the album “Invictus” is a little more stripped back & has more of a “Something Wicked Marches In” sound. Now that isn’t a bad thing as the group still sprinkles in exciting elements within the track that keep your ears engaged but for those who just wanna put their horns in the air to something solid & brutal enough to headbang during then this is your track.

Closer “Spoils Of War” is great at building atmosphere. Big chiming blackened yet beautifully picked guitar notes ring while a staunch chug builds. Vincent’s vocals bellow in & start piecing together the band’s vision of the track. Before bringing it back down for a brief moment and then unleashing it again. A great mid-paced track that has below & paints a superb canvas of the band’s new fully realised sound.

“Epic” is an astonishing album. Now again the team behind it aren’t just anyone but the level they have been able to step up to on this album is a great leap & I’m here to stay it has paid off hugely. As much as I don’t want to say the album is as epic as its title it truly is. VLTIMAS have created something incredible with this album & it has me excited to see the shocking yet well-deserved response to the band’s newest chapter!

Review: Guy Williams

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VLTIMAS EPIC European Tour 2024
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March 24: Drachten, NL @ Iduna [TICKETS]
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VLTIMAS – “Miserere” (Official Music Video) 2023
VLTIMAS – “Scorcher” (Official Music Video) 2024
1. Volens Discordant (1:02)
2. EPIC (4:35)
3. Miserere (3:51) [WATCH]
4. Exercitus Irae (4:01)
5. Mephisto Manifesto (05:05)
6. Scorcher (03:21) [WATCH]
7. Invictus (5:30) [LISTEN]
8. Nature’s Fangs (3:52)
9. Spoils of War (5:54)
Total runtime: 37:16
David Vincent – Vocals
Rune Blasphemer Eriksen – Guitars
Flo Mounier – Drums
Ype TVS – Bass
João Duarte – Guitars

Recording studio
ARDA Recorders

Jamie Gomez Arellano

Sound engineer
Jonathan Mazzeo

Mixing and mastering engineer
Jaime Gomez Arellano

Mixing and mastering studio 
Arda Recorders, Orgone Studio

Cover art
Daniele Valeriani

Additional artwork and layout
Adrien Bousson

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vltimas/
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Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0kz64zyv2xtkdhboztpdwa
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/vltimas?lang=en

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