The Raven Age // Blood Omen // Album Review


British Melodic Metal band The Raven Age return with their third studio album Blood Omen, released on the 7th of July 2023. This album serves as a significant milestone for the band, showcasing their growth and expanding musical prowess.

The first track serves as the introduction to Blood Omen, filled with piano melodies before immediately grabbing your attention with its explosive second track, ’Parasite’. The Raven Age wastes no time in delivering a fierce onslaught of blistering guitar riffs, thunderous drums, and soaring melodies. The energy and intensity of this album are second to none, keeping listeners engaged from beginning to end.

One of the most notable aspects of Blood Omen is the band’s ability to seamlessly blend metal and melodic elements. Each song is a blend of heavy and melodic moments, showcasing The Raven Age’s mastery of captivating the listener. Standout tracks like ‘Serpents Tongue’ and ‘Forgive and Forget’, offer a perfect balance between powerful metal instrumentation and infectious melodies that will leave you wanting more.

Vocalist Matt James continues to shine with his exceptional vocal range and dynamic delivery. His commanding presence adds an extra layer of depth to the album, allowing the lyrics to resonate with the listener. From the gritty aggression in tracks like ‘Nostradamus’ to the poignant vulnerability in songs like ‘The Journey’, James showcases his versatility. He firmly establishes himself as a force to be reckoned with.

Blood Omen also benefits from its strong songwriting, which delves into a variety of themes. The lyrics tackle personal struggles and inner demons creating a deep connection between the music and the listener. The thought-provoking lyrics, paired with the band’s powerful performance, make for an immersive listening experience.

The album finishes as it starts with, ‘Tears of Stone’, mimicking the explosiveness of track number two, followed by a piano ending, bringing the album to a close just like it began. Blood Omen is a polished and powerful album. The Raven Age’s ability to maintain clarity and cohesiveness amidst the heavy instrumentation is commendable, creating a sonically satisfying experience.

In conclusion, The Raven Age’s Blood Omen is a captivating and exhilarating album that solidifies the band’s place in the genre. Their impressive musicianship, powerful vocals, and thoughtful songwriting make this album a must-listen for metal enthusiasts. This album is a testament to The Raven Age’s growth as a band and serves as a thrilling addition to their discography. The Raven Age have proved that they are here to make their mark and are ready to conquer the metal world.

Peter Watts

Blood Omen is out via Music For Nations/Sony Music on the 7th July 2023



Track listing

  1. Changing of the Guard
    2. Parasite
    3. Serpents Tongue
    4. Essence of Time
    5. Nostradamus
    6. Forgive & Forget
    7. The Journey
  2. War in Heaven
    9. Tears of Stone

Line up:

Matt James – Vocals

George Harris – Guitars

Matt Cox – Bass, Backing Vocals

Jai Patel – Drums

Tommy Gentry – Guitars