The Parallax Method – Rock ‘N’ Load Exclusive track By track feature

Much revered Brit instrumental Prog three-piece, THE PARALLAX METHOD, are back with their superb debut album, Folie à Trois, which is out on Friday 14th July. We checked in with the guys and exclusively asked then for this track by track breakdown of the album:

“#1 – We’ve Learned Nothing ––3v4

Opening with a ridiculous romp of non-repeating nonsense, this track has enough bass guitar scales to make a ship sail, and a hefty helping of heavy adventures through odd time signatures, ending in a raucous rager of some totally tasty groovy gubbins.

#2 – The Pope’s Personal Saxophonist

A mind melting memory test makes up the introduction here, with more variations than Henry VIII had wives. Stacked with salacious slap bass and slippery solos, this song slithers into some sinister syncopation before calming to a comforting cruise and the unyielding yodel of a guitar yell.

#3 – Daniel’s Bed In A Field

After a ferocious foreword, this frolic forcefully flips into a, quite frankly, uncomfortable arrangement of angular, aural abnormalities. A steady stroll in stirring cleans provides some welcome respite, before gaining ground ahead of a grandiose genesis and glorious grooves. Splendid sprints through several, sleek solos spring into a satisfying, slapping summation.

#4 – Batman Broods Over Gotham

*In Batman Voice* “Where are they?!” This song’s stealthy startup will have you wondering if you’re being stalked by the caped crusader himself. Gradually growing and eventually evolving into an epic ensemble, this escapade evades expectation and jumps to a jazzy jog straight from the mind of the Joker.

#5 – Cheeky Charlie’s Porky Pokers

Originally described as a proverbial kick to the face, this medley moves through a meaningful meander of musical mutations and luscious lead lines. A brief nap takes us into some neat and nifty notions to nod to, but just around the bend are some berserk and bombastic blast beats. Cheeky Charlie chops and changes from solos to stomps until sliding to a smooth stop.

#6 – D-Ron’s Country Assault

With enough chicken pickin’ to shake a set of spoons at, this track will be the perfect, pocket pastime to play while perched on the porch, polishing off a pickled potion of moonshine. That’s some killer filler right there.

#7 – Under The Stinging Tree Of Death

Like the deadly tree itself, this ditty’s dark and demanding demeanour will have you ducking for cover from its dastardly display. From a lucrative labyrinth of lead lines and jovial jaunts, this song melds to a mystifying melody and ends in a momentous, mangled menagerie.

#8 – Ainsley’s Chariot

Mount up! Ainsley awaits in this aggressive, algorithmic anthem. With ample amounts of heft topped with tech, this awesome adventure ambles around syncopated riffs and ludicrous leads. Picking up the pace, we move to sadistically scientific sections built on stupefying sequences, swelling into a sumptuous swan song.

#9 – Smenjamin and T’Larvid Strike Back

Revenge always tastes sweeter when it smacks you across the face with bass slaps and snare cracks. This short but sweet treat crams in a cornucopia of crazy capers, with copious amounts of coincidental crochets. Duel with this duo if you dare.

#10 – Lava Palaver

Created from the genes of a genuine fear of volcanos, this track is the embodiment of a false sense of security. This eclectic excursion gallivants through to melodic marches and groove-heavy gallops. But wait. Prepare yourself for an aural eruption and an outbreak into opulent oddities and omnipotent outbursts.”

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