The Dust Coda // Loco Paradise // Album Review


In a time when rock music seems to be overshadowed by other genres, Loco Paradise by Dust Coda emerges as a breath of fresh air, reminding us why we fell in love with this genre in the first place. This album is a testament to Dust Coda’s growth and maturity as a band, showcasing their impressive musicianship and songwriting skills that are bound to captivate listeners from start to finish.

The album opens with the explosive track, ‘Road to Hell’, setting the stage for the energy and intensity that awaits. The band wastes no time in displaying their impressive instrumental prowess, with thunderous drums, scorching guitar riffs, and intense vocals. Immediately, you are drawn into their hard-hitting sound, reminiscent of classic rock bands that have influenced them.

One of the standout tracks on Loco Paradise is the anthem-like ‘Call Out The Dogs’, where Dust Coda embraces a more melodic approach. The song boasts powerful vocal harmonies and catchy hooks, making it an instant earworm. It’s impossible to resist tapping your foot and singing along to the infectious chorus.

Dust Coda also knows how to slow things down without sacrificing intensity, as demonstrated in the ballad ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ Here, the band showcases their versatility, with a stripped-down and beautiful arrangement before coming more alive during the latter parts of this track. The vulnerability in the lyrics combined with the rawness in the vocals makes this track a truly captivating moment on the album.

Throughout Loco Paradise, Dust Coda displays a strong sense of songcraft, delivering tracks that are both dynamic and memorable. The band’s ability to seamlessly merge heavy, riff-driven rock with melodic sensibilities shows their understanding of what makes a great rock song.

As Loco Paradise progresses, it becomes evident that Dust Coda is not afraid to experiment with different sounds and styles. From the incredible tribute to the late Taylor Hawkins in ‘Come The Night’, to the anthemic ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Paradise’ which delivers a heavy dose of infectious energy, the album keeps you engaged with its rich variety of sonic landscapes.

Loco Paradise by Dust Coda is a triumph for both the band and rock music as a whole. It encapsulates everything that makes rock such a powerful and enduring genre. From the explosive opening track to the anthems and ballads that follow, Dust Coda proves they are a force to be reckoned with. With their expert musicianship and infectious energy, Dust Coda have crafted an album that deserves recognition and appreciation from rock enthusiasts worldwide. Loco Paradise is a must-listen for anyone craving an authentic, high-octane rock experience.


Peter Watts


Loco Paradise is out via Earache Records the 7th July 2023


Track listing

  1. Road to Hell
    2. Fairweather Love
    3. Love Sick
    4. Call Out The Dogs
    5. Come The Night
  2. The Streets
    7. Rock N Roll Paradise
  3. Free All The Dancers
    9. Since You’ve Been Gone
  4. On Fire
  5. It Won’t Be Long

Line up:

John Drake – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Adam Mackie – Lead Guitar

Scott Miller – Drums

Tony Ho – Bass Guitar





The Dust Coda will also be setting out on a UK headline tour this October, which will culminate with a show at London’s Dingwalls. Tickets are available here.

The Dust Coda October Tour Dates
Tues 17th         Engine Rooms, Southampton
Weds 18th        The Junction, Plymouth
Tues 19th         The Globe, Cardiff
Fri 20th             Tivoli, Buckley
Sat 21st            King Tut’s, Glasgow
Mon 23rd          The Cluny, Newcastle
Tues 24th         Deaf Institute, Manchester
Weds 25th        Foundry, Sheffield
Thu 26th           The Fleece, Bristol
Fri 27th             O2 Institute 3, Birmingham
Sat 28th            Dingwalls, London

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