Mikebass Of The Giant’s Fall Catches Up With Ed Ford Of Rock ‘N’ Load

Hello, could you please introduce The Giant’s Fall to the Rock n Load readers?

Hello, I’m Mikebass from the Giant’s Fall and I would like to thank you for your time and support. I really appreciate it!

How would you describe The Giant’s Fall?

 The Giant’s Fall is my personal project and moves mainly in doom and dark paths.

Why did you form the band in 2016?

 In 2014 I moved from Athens to Heraklion, Crete. I stayed away from music for two years. The Giant’s Fall was the reason to come back. It was the right time to start working on new dark ideas and of course, experimenting in sounds.

What was the aim for the project when you created it?

 The original plan was to create a band here in Crete, with other musicians, which never happened! Every simple detail was on my mind, about what I wanted, which later translated into the creation of my personal project, The Giant’s Fall! I wanted to create an instrumental doom band that would be able to create images through its music, simple as that. The Giant’s Fall was the greatest reason to get involved in music again. That was enough for me for at that period of my life; and after that more things followed later.

Where do you draw your inspiration from for The Giant’s Fall?

 I wanted to create and write something about the place I moved to, in order to honor it. I’m a fan of mythology so I thought Talos was a nice choice to start. So initially I created the name of the band (The Giant’s Fall) and later the main theme of the album.

Do you have an idea of what you want the listener to experience when creating your music?

 I chose to write an instrumental album, so the listener can travel with me; to make him/her think and create images or even recreate the story. I wanted to do something like a soundtrack!

How do you feel about the self-titled EP?

 Honestly, I am very happy that this self released EP was appreciated by some people and finally that it will be officially released as a full album (one new extra song was recorded) by FYC Records and more people will be able to listen to it!

Would you change anything about the EP?

I would definitely change the drums. I prefer to had a drummer performed and recorded the drums and not programming them; I would have preferred them to be in physical form and maybe a better mastering of the album. But in general, I am really satisfied with the result! It’s very important to know that when I recorded the EP back then, the last thing I thought was to find a label and make an official release!

How do you approach the writing and recording process?

 The original idea was to create a Doom album. My debut album has a great variety of elements though. I tried to record a solid rhythmic bass to be used as the body of the songs and then some heavy guitars, combined with slow, atmospheric and psychedelic

passages; and of course some ark ambient synthesizers that would add more bizzare atmosphere to my music.

Where has the theme of Greek Mythology come from?

 The main character is Talos. Talos was a mythical guardian of Crete. He was gigantic, humanoid and with a body of bronze. It is considered the first robot ever built or created by imagination. According to mythology, Hephaistos created him and gave him to Minos to protect Crete. He did it around the shores of the island three times a day. He had a nail in his heel that held in his one and only vein, the sound that flowed through him. For me, this giant is purely symbolic. It symbolizes protection, strength and safety!

Would that be a similar theme for anything in the future?

 I don’t think that I will use any similar theme for my future albums. Maybe I’ll deal with some other topic, not necessarily from ancient mythology.

You have included Martin Luther King Jr. on the track ‘The Giant King’. Where did that idea come from and did you write the track around the speech or the other way around?

 To be honest, this quote has nothing to do with the theme of the album. I think nowadays this specific reason is relevant; it will always be. I had the riff of the song and found the appropriate quote. Then I tried to follow the rhythm and feeling of the speech. It was the combination of both.

Is there anything you would change about the band and how things have happened?

At this period of time, I would like to remain as it is; my personal project. I will definitely going to collaborate with other people on my future recordings, albums; I am not going to perform and record all the instruments by myself. And most important, drums will not be programmed; They will be performed and recorded by another musician.

What are you most proud of with The Giant’s Fall?

 I am very proud that I managed to return back to music activities and most important to conceive and record a themed album that is getting recognition and some great feedback from sites, magazines, people. It came out of the blue for me. I feel grateful and lucky ‘cause I had the support of very important people for me in order to do it; to release my album and promote my music!

What are the future plans for The Giant’s Fall both live and in the studio? 

 My priority right now is to release and promote my debut album in the greatest way. I am already working on some new ideas, but with no stress and with no deadline to complete them in a tight schedule. There are no plans on becoming a live band in the near future; although I am not completely negative to it.

Thank you for your time and wishing you all, all the best in the future.

 Thank you very much for once again for your support! All the best to you all; take care of yourselves and those you love!

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The Giant’s Fall was released on February, 28th of 2023, in 4-Panel Digi CD Format, limited to 100 Copies (50 of them to be accompanied by Embroidered Logo Patch), by FYC Records, along with Merch.

Ed Ford




2.Dark Inside

3.The End of Talos

  1. The Giant King (Include Martin Luther King Jr.’s Speech)

5.Hades Calling






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YouTube: www.youtube.com/@mikebass438

Official Music Video for the Song “Dark Inside” Created by Mick Alexandrakis (Black Screen Graphic Arts) and scheduled to be premiered in February 6th, of 2023.